…fuct world…

…if you want to take a look at a story that’s more gruesome than a Cannibal Corpse song or a horror movie, well, here you go.

…and some washed-up, middle aged actress allegedly though it was okay to attack her male roommate. There was evidently a pizza involved, so maybe, just maybe David Futrelle will finally have empathy for males victims of DV. After all, I’m sure he’s gotten in a fight or six over the last slice of pizza…

…and apparently, brass knuckles aren’t a weapon when attached to an iPhone, but an accersory. I wonder if I get the “spree killer” app will my M-60 finally be street legal. (That’s a joke, I don’t own an iPhone 😉 ) Even though this involved intra-gender violence, I’m sure Hugo Schwyzer will call the abuser a victim of the patriarchy ™ –whatever…

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