Lick That Kitty You Misogynistic Douchebag Redux: Another Sexually Entitled Nice Girl ™

Via Tamen at Feminist Critics.

In this video, comedian Louis CK gets sexually assaulted. Yes, I said sexually assaulted…

Feminist Alyssa Rosenberg had this to say:

“I found myself cheering for her ideas, even though Laurie is awful. She’s aggressive and violent, at one point threatening to break Louie’s finger, at another, bouncing his head off her passenger-side window. And Laurie’s emotionally nasty, too, implying that Louie is gay because he won’t reciprocate sexually. But even if she’s hard to identify with, even if her behavior is embarrassing or horrifying, even if I felt physically uncomfortable watching C.K. give in to her demands, there’s something powerful about the way this episode of Louie threw every possible objection at Laurie, made her as unsympathetic a spokeswoman as possible, and acknowledged that she was right anyway.

As his last hedge against Laurie’s demands, Louie claims that Laurie has suckered him into an unfair bargain. “If you doing that for me hinged on me doing that for you, you should have said something,” he grouses, inadvertently proving her point. Louie’s default assumption is that he can get something he wants without having to give anything up or think about the other person’s needs in return. There’s something refreshing about the blast of rage Laurie sends back to him. “You know how many dicks I sucked that I didn’t want to suck, because I’m a good kid?” she asks, her voice echoing with years of pent-up indignation. Laurie may be a scary, irritating pain. But Louie doesn’t have an answer to her question, or a defense against the accusation that he’s let a lot of women go unsatisfied even as he’s judged them for being attentive to his desires. Once they’re over the shock of Laurie, I doubt anyone in the audience has a good justification for that double standard either.”

So, what would Ms. Rosenberg say about guys who say they are entitled to sex after paying for a date?

Double standards, gotta love ’em…

Someone by the name of Chi left this excellent response in the comments section:

“I’m baffled by the positive response, too. This was clearly depicted as a date rape, and I believe Louis CK did it very purposefully. I even think the final dialog was right on, while pushing the envelope to the comedic edge, because abused people *will* appease an abuser either out of fear or some kind of Stockholm Syndrome. In fact, this may be the most realistic depiction of how acquaintance rape can really go down that I’ve ever seen: You’re having a good time, accept some kind of favor, next comes a demand to”put out” something you didn’t agree to but they feel you “owe,” then threats, then just enough violence to show what they’re capable of, then submission to rape, followed by dazed acceptance of further instructions. It’s brilliant, really, but because the rapist is a woman, people are getting it pretty twisted.”