….um, like, yeah, like, totally, like tubular says the Rioting Valley Grrrl….

So, I shouldn’t poke fun at a serious matter. I’m an awful human being. I’m much worse than guys who almost kill girlfriends in drug fueled rages. I’m even slightly worse than those evillle oppressive Nice Guys ™ –and since I found this at an alter righties blog, I gotta point out that I’m not that high on the HBD scale. Still, Marcotte says “like” a whole bunch. Makes O’Bombya’s “that’s above my paygrade” comment look smart.

One of the issues that comes up is the born alive rule.

Another that is implied, by mentioning the abortion of down syndrome fetuses is that as technology improves, people will be able to find out a whole ton about their unborn babies. Do you think anyone would abort because they have the wrong eye color, because they won’t have a high IQ, because they are the wrong gender? Oh, wait, that last one already happens. Anyways there was a sci-fi movie I saw that dealt with some of these ideas. Shit, is this still about women’s rights or have we moved into eugenics?

Now this song is kind of cool…

Maybe Amanda can learn a musical instrument and form a band…

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