…gender differences via “oppressive beauty standards”…

so I found this vid via Erudite Knight.

Now here’s the parody:

Now look at this video of “Melinda” describing her experience:

Alright, this is all “anecdotal” here…

Look how the men all cut each other down and Melinda says how she feels built up when her sorority sisters say she looks good…

Obviously this is made by advertisers with an agenda…

I don’t know that we can cut any hard and fast rules here, but…

this ties back to something I’ve been thinking for awhile…

The MRA movement is doomed. High status and low status men live in completely separate worlds. Their self interests are many times diametrically opposed. That’s where feminism had their gender analysis very, very wrong. They kept on thinking that men work as a big homogeneous group to keep women oppressed. Nope, not how it works…

7 thoughts on “…gender differences via “oppressive beauty standards”…

    1. I tend not to look at things in terms of Red Pill/Blue Pill. Ultimately it can be as problematic as looking at things through the lense of “patriarchy” as many feminist’s do.

      I wrote about that here…




      I think the videos seem to show women as cooperating with each other and men as competing. I think you can find many counter examples in the real world-ie a military platoon or rock band where all the guys are working hard towards a similar goal or an office where all the women try to tear each other down….

  1. I’d agree with you SWAB. It’s just satire. It’s just mildly taken the piss out of a few narcissistic blokes, and it’s quite funny.

    The thing that struck me about the Dove one is that the difference between the two portraits weren’t actually very stark. They were all “Oh I look much better in the other one”, and I was just sort of looking at the pictures thinking ‘Huh? You look very similar in both.’

    What I found slightly depressing was that it was like some sort of Damascene revelation to them that they had a slightly self-critical view of themselves. It’s so unbearably self-oriented, as if it were an epic tragedy, rather than just a ‘Oh, that’s mildly interesting. I should probably note that for the future’. Whilst they weren’t vain and self-centred at the most superficial level, they clearly were at an emotional level, because they seemed to think a slightly-off self-image was a matter of stark importance, as opposed to a matter of mild interest.

    1. Have you ever seen Quiet Riot Girl’s blog?

      One thing that I thought of was how this might apply to metrosexuality…

      My initial perception was that the ladies actually looked like they were straight in the middle between how they described themselves and how the other person described them.

  2. Maybe its because of my own body image issues but I really didn’t find that guy version parody funny.

    Its like its saying that guy’s overestimate their looks.

    That’s where feminism had their gender analysis very, very wrong. They kept on thinking that men work as a big homogeneous group to keep women oppressed. Nope, not how it works…
    Either that or they knew that by painting a picture of men working as one homogeneous group men would be too distracted as dispelling that myth to actually help men out.

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