…Elam Screwed the Pooch…

Well, I’ve long said A Voice for Men ain’t this man’s voice…

Over at Genderratic, I stated my worries over that place and it ain’t the first time I’ve had cause for concern. Unfortunately, high status, Mr. Alpha had to go in all guns blazing, and my gut feeling was he was wrong….

stonerwithaboner on 2013-04-21 at 3:44 pm said:


I saw postings around the manosphere about a conservative feminist blogger denying white men admission to college. In the links, there were a few red flags.

I perused the links and 2 and 2 didn’t add up…

her google + account listed one location, her other blog listed that she wasn’t even in the US and had a far different writing style than the first blog where she talked about denying white men admission. Just from 5 minutes of research, red flags were going off. Either they had two different people confused or someone was trying to smear one person for reasons unknown.

5 minutes of research and the red flags were going off. (and I’m no alpha male with an advanced degree.) Yet those guys go all in. “Shoot first, ask questions later.”

You don’t doxx someone unless you’ve got your shit 100% straight and you are ready to deal with the consequences.

and if they do have the wrong person, that really pisses me off. I donated to the Innocence Project cause the idea of the wrong person getting punished goes against my values.

what more can I fucking say…


turns out I was right.

…sorry to the lady who probably has a way different ideology than me who got needlessly harassed by “human right’s activists”…

…and fatuous Manboobz bigot, I’m not on your side either. Go hang out with Matt Forney, Jack Donovan and all the other efete guys who have to bash low status men because they are unsure of their own masculinity. I’d tell ’em all to suck my dick but those asshats would probably consider it an invitation rather than a figure of speech.

15 thoughts on “…Elam Screwed the Pooch…

  1. While your personal concerns with AVFM (which predate mine are for different reasons) are well-founded can we at LEAST acknowledge they did the right thing with this retraction?
    Surely you’ve seen plenty of feminist places and people (hint: Amanda Marcotte and the Duke Lacrosse case) do far worse and never retract or apologize. Indeed it’s been my experience with feminists over the years that they *usually with exceptions on about one hand* never retract or apologize.
    I gotta give AVFM some credit in this and I’d still investigate that anonymous bloggers claims…just in case.

    1. Clarence,

      this might seem like a weird thing to say, but when I read that-Duke, no apology-it made me think of John Wayne saying something like “a real man never apologizes.” Think of that, Marcotte’s like toxic masculinity….

  2. P.S.
    Saw your reply to me about my personal story on Genderratic, and while I wish to stress that I do not consider myself a victim (now IF he had CONTINUED and forced it… OMG) but yes, my mom was a victim of a violent stranger rape…”true rape” by any stretch of the imagination. Funny, she didn’t build her identity around that victimization either perhaps because even my father (who was emotionally abusive to her and by that I don’t mean occasional bad words or yelling but downright nasty put downs often uncalled for and repeated again and again) never blamed her for it. In short she was NOT blamed or shamed for her rape.

    Anyway, it was still a horrible experience for her and I thank you for your class in recognizing that bringing those things up was a very emotional experience for me.

    1. Clarence,

      I went through some rough shit growing up. Thank god no sexual abuse. I also realized quite early that I wouldn’t get a fucking thing by playing the victim card (nor should I). I’d only be told to suck it up and get therapy (not for myself but so I could enter into family life without becoming an abuser). This is hard to articulate but a huge reason why MGTOW is my best option. I am distrustful of women as well as men and that’s another reason why I won’t be an MRA. So, yeah, it pisses me off when people take real suffering and try to make it fit their goddamned ideology. Proudly an asshole but hopefully never a bully….

      ugh, wish I could be more coherent…

  3. I think that last thread at Genderratic was it for me. I am through with male blogdonia. I’m out. It’s over. I can hardly believe the shit I was reading… its like when Valerie started talking about eliminating the cis-male babies. I’m like, whooa, is anybody reading this?

    And now Typhon 1) accepts feminist rape statistics at face value and 2) in one fell swoop, says all these raped women are really the rapists of men and do not report their rapes because they are afraid of being “found out”–really? Really?

    Whooa, is anybody reading this?

    I gotta news flash: Neither gender is blameless or superior. Neither one. And as long as these people keep perpetrating one lie or the other, we get nowhere.

    My intention in life is to GET SOMEWHERE and I am not associating with people or places who deliberately refuse to share that goal. I just don’t have enough time, know what I mean? (Ain’t no time to hate/barely time to wait)

    I will continue to check in on your blog, if you don’t mind, since I appreciated your post here and your posts at Genderratic. (Will read, but I won’t post.)

    Peace out. Turn the page. Its been real. And I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight. Etc.

    1. you are allowed to post, but I think we have irreconcillible worldviews and we both know it won’t end well at this point…

      I wasn’t aware of Typhone’s specific posts but enough things happened where I say proudly I’m neither a feminist nor MRA…

      there’s a point where others seem willing to go where I won’t-Going My Own Way seems like my best option…

    2. Ive been out of the loop for the last several days (namely because of work and twitter burnout).

      And now Typhon 1) accepts feminist rape statistics at face value and 2) in one fell swoop, says all these raped women are really the rapists of men and do not report their rapes because they are afraid of being “found out”–really? Really?
      Where did this happen? A recent post? I haven’t been to Genderrattic in about 2 weeks.

  4. PS: According to TB’s formulation, if she was raped by her mother, then Typhon is now (vampire style) a rapist herself. Or is she exempting herself for some reason?

    I think TB was greatly damaged by her mother; she is now a misogynist on the level of … the men whose approval she now so desperately seeks. She is going to get hurt. They will turn on her. Then who will she have? (sigh) I have seen this over and over from female misogynists who twist themselves into knots for the approval of misogynist males (who will withhold that approval, precisely because they ARE misogynists.) I just hope it doesn’t end in self-harm (if it hasn’t already) or suicide.

    1. That seems harsh and reductive to me, Daisy. Whatever someone’s motivation, it doesn’t entitle you to dismiss them. I also don’t think it’s true that most people on AVFM actually are misogynists. I think they have a very strong antipathy towards feminists, but that’s not the same thing. I can’t recall anyone having a kind word to say about Schwyzer or Kimmel, for instance.

      That thread on genderratic looked to me like misunderstanding from start to finish. TB’s mistake was in thinking that people were deliberately misconstruing her. The way I see it is that that last paragraph of her article was, in pure communicative terms (i.e. independently of whatever it is she was trying to say) a train-wreck. Whatever it is she wanted to say was completely lost because she simply didn’t express herself with a sufficient degree of clarity. I’m still unclear what she was trying to say, personally.

      I know this – I’m not going near rape on my blog until I’m damn sure I can express what I want to say, and say it as clearly as humanly possible. It’s just too sensitive a topic to cover in anything vaguely resembling a flippant manner.

      1. No, all men on AVFM are not misogynists, but too many are. When I criticized them for ignoring what older feminists say (who often disagree fervently with young feminists), I was dismissed as “a cougar” and Bibo Sez said I am dissatisfied because I’m not getting laid and not considered pretty. I’ve been married 25 yrs, I am not a cougar trolling for young hawt doods. The idea that I may be commenting because I actually know and care about the topic (just like male commenters!) seemed not to occur to this person. THAT is pretty offensive. Reducing women to their fuckability is … well, misogynist. (Should I ignore men unless they meet my appearance standards?)

        I learned to stay away from the place. Haven’t regretted it.

      2. Fair enough. I can’t really blame you. I definitely agree that there is something off with men who can’t seem to engage with women on any other level than to think about their fuckability, and ‘misogynistic’ is as good a term as any. Although I think ageism is also part of it in this instance.

        Btw, 25 years! Bloody hell. That’s impressive. My longest relationship is 2 years, and that’s not even counting the 5 or so mini-breakups within it!

  5. I consider the above mentioned “human rights activists” to be the Liberation Tigers of Paul Elam.

    In a moment of stupor, I realised that this was a vaguely apt analogy. Not only did Sri Lanka’s actual Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam lash out in rage against inequality and cause shocking collateral damage, but they were up against a (still) powerful group of equally bloodthirsty Sinhalese Buddhist nationalists with a colossal victimhood complex and a lot of institutional power. The latter had a huge chip on their shoulder from perceived pro-Tamil discrimination under British rule and always tried to justify any anti-Tamil discrimination by them as “correction” of past injustices. Because Britriarchy.

    Obviously, even the most extreme MRAs and feminists aren’t violent terrorists and it’s not a precise analogy, but whatever. To hell with zealous ideologues with no sense of responsibility over how they exercise their power.

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