…women rating men…

a few days back, I posted some of the Dove vids that are going around the blogsphere…

Now of course there was gonna be a parody, what I didn’t realize is there’s more than one.

Via Erudite Knight I saw this…

Now, obviously it is meant for laughs so maybe we can’t draw real life conclusions but…

The first thing I thought of while watching this was a thread from Feminist Critics where they mentioned a trend among Okay Cupid profiles where women found men relatively less attractive.

There are a couple explanations that come to mind…

…one is the old trope that men are success objects and women are sex objects-therefore women may tend to dress better and be more comfortable posing infront of the camera. But those who study metrosexuality may disagree…

…and many who are familiar with the manosphere would mention hypergamy. This graph can be read allot of ways. Some may see it as late teen and early twenties women having their pick. Some may say it suggests men prefer younger women.


4 thoughts on “…women rating men…

  1. Well, I’ll give you a few things:
    A. I had no idea Forney was Bardamu. That’s rather awesome, actually.
    B. I suspected that the ‘feminist extraordinaire’ was you, but couldn’t prove it and wouldn’t want to ruin your fun. And to be fair, Fat Futrelle The Misquoter deserved it.
    C. Genderratic has begun pre-emptively moderating comments. Probably just from certain people, though I can’t prove that. It’s interesting in that they can’t even be honest about it. They claim it’s a “bad faith spam” filter that puts ones comment in moderation but no such filters exist and I’ve run two test posts that couldn’t possibly trigger any working ‘filter’.

    Tsk tsk.

  2. ” B. I suspected that the ‘feminist extraordinaire’ was you, but couldn’t prove it and wouldn’t want to ruin your fun. And to be fair, Fat Futrelle The Misquoter deserved it.”

    I dropped soooooo many hints-as in I’m not even trying to cover my tracks….

    If there was one good thing about IMF, it was you could say almost anything with very little moderation…

    To bad Fornaycator wouldn’t allow a farewell post from F*cktrelle. If fatuous Mr. Manboobz and Fornamu really were “cool guys” who just happened to have different worldviews, they could atleast laugh at F*cktrelle and themselves a little but apparently I’m teh sensetive ‘wil flower who doesn’t want his pwecious feewingz huurt. Oh, well, I was almost hoping the real Ferdinand was a guy I’d want to have a beer with but that’ll never happen.

    as far as moderation, well, I was never a fan for “safe spaces.” There are a very few places where maybe it is called for but for the most part, the stricter the moderation, the lower the regard for freedom of speech, do you really even want to hang out somewhere like that?

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