Djentlemen, Start Your Engines…

Well, apparently I’m a fan of a form of music known as Djent. I didn’t even know what this was until a few days ago til someone told me about it in an email. It seems the term was coined by Fredrik Thordendal, who plays guitar for Meshuggah. (And for those who don’t know, Meshuggah is Yiddish for crazy.)

Djent, Djent, Djent-that’s the staccato sound of low tuned, distorted guitars. Back in the day, everyone used to talk about the chugga, chugga sound of thrash guitars. So this is just a step further…

Listen for the low, crunchy guitar…

Now there were other bands with comparable guitar sounds…

Here’s a sample from Carcass when they moved away from their “grindcore sound” into a more polished sound…

Here’s a Bolt Thrower song from 1989

It has that low tuned sound if not the staccato chug of Meshugah. And interestingly, the tempo increases as the song progresses, starting at a doomy temp and speeding up to a noticibaly faster pace. So, obviously this wasn’t happening in a vacuum. These bands were all listening to each other. Hehe, I guess it’s like manosphere bloggers all reading each other and changing the ideas around slightly.

But anyone whose listened to metal for more than 5 minutes has probably heard songs like Metallica’s “The Thing That Should Not Be”. And, of course, who could forget Black Sabbath’s “Into The Void. Does this make the after mentioned artist’s the father’s and grand father’s of Djent?

Here’s a Soundgarden cover of “Into The Void”

Notice it has a “swagger” the other songs don’t, but it still has the low tuned (just not as low) and distorted (just not as) sound as the other songs. I just see this as a natural evolution, or maybe perhaps perversion if you don’t like modern metal….

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