…more fake men’s rights…

notice he never discusses the fact that guys get ass-raped in the military and that young men are forced to sign up for Selective Service…

…shit, I actually agree with gramps McCain, I wouldn’t in good conscience tell a mother it is safe to send her daughter to the US Warmachine. But he didn’t go far enough, I would also tell a father it isn’t safe to send his son to the US Warmachine…

wouldn’t you know it–look at the scumbags who write for them…

They’ve got Chuck Crudd, the efete waiter who thinks he’s more a man than me because he is higher up on the HBD scale-but I guess real life results don’t matter, I’m not the who who went 40k in student loan debt just to get a job most people don’t even have to graduate high school to get. My skin is darker so that makes me less human…

They’ve got Heartiste who thinks he’s more a man than you because he pedals “game” to virgins who are gullible enough to listen to his psuedo science. All that “alpha male” bullshit is the same shit a scumbag like Hugo Schwyzer uses to brow beat low status men.

They’ve got Jack Donovan, that All-Amerikkkan winner who “rubs elbows” with the White Nationalists–and probably a whole lot more…Good thing their racism protects me from their anal lust. He’s the POS who said weak men should kill themselves.

This is just more low status male bashing with a side of “if you aren’t a full blooded white man you ain’t shit.”

Fuck You W.F. Price!

5 thoughts on “The-Craphead….

  1. “They’ve got Chuck Crudd, the efete waiter …”

    Maybe you shouldn’t be bad-mouthing Chuckie if you’re going to be pulling that Aryan Princess shit on his site.

  2. Hey Man, what are your thoughts on the military? I have given it a lot of thought, obviously our society is irredeemably corrupt, yet to give up on noble ideals we once had seems cowardly.

      1. I actually have a ton so say about it..

        I saw a documentary years back where a soldier told how John Wayne visited the wounded troops. He went into his schtick. They booed him off the stage. They saw “male disposability” first hand and didn’t want to hear any macho bullshit. I wish I could find the footage on youtube.

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