12 thoughts on “…intersectionality????

    1. one day I heard two guys arguing about politics. one was a so-called left winger and the other a so-called right winger. They asked my opinion and I said “I’f I were a bird, I’d have two wings, a left and right. I’d fly above y’all and take a huge poop.”

      They didn’t like that very much.

      1. “They didn’t like that very much.”

        I got a chuckle out of it.

        Present for the Princess as well as the NSA….

        False Flag

  1. They don’t call it the Bowel Movement for nothing.

    I see Firepower is requiring log-ins to post on his blog. Wonder what he’s afraid of?

    1. just like feminist’s, WN’s can’t back it up with facts and logic so they have to censor and create an echo chamber…

      looks like they’ve got allot in common…


      and male feminist’s have Hugo Schwyzer while WN’s have Jack Donovan…


      (see the buttrape scene in American History X to see WN’s liberal views on brotherly love.)

      some shit I just can’t make up…

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