…more MGTOW bashing by the Men’s Human’s Rights Activist’s….

and that idiot Elam says he is “stepping on his dick.”

this is something I’ve long known about MGTOW-it’s a path MOST men can’t take…

I understand how some could take issue with Stardusk’s language speaking of “men” as one big monolithic group. Perhaps he should have been nuanced and said most men. I haven’t watched all of Stardusk’s videos and I don’t agree with him point by point…


…most men DO want to feel useful, maybe not in marriage, but at least in a career or something, heck, maybe their 80’s cover band or whatever…

…he brought up male suicide, well, he might be making a jump in logic. I personally wouldn’t of stated things how he did, but the numbers back it up. Many men are successful in suicide.

…the bigger point is that as soon as he took his utility off the table, as soon as he mentioned he’d be making less video’s-oh so righteous alpha Elam went on the attack mode. The same alpha who attacked a Georgetown student for things she most likely DID NOT say. The same alpha who defended Matt Forney’s Inmalafide as Forney insulted him and allowed White Nationalist’s free reign on his sight.

To me it’s beyond clear. I’ve seen it with the Craphead, IMF, TGMP and AVfM. They have nothing to offer MGTOW. Heck they have nothing to offer most men, well, except for White Nationalist’s and Marxists….

I’ve been posting less frequently, I can understand why Stardusk might want to post less and less. I’ll read articles on the web and then see another guy write a counter article and think, god points but you missed x,y and z. A few months back, I woulda sat down and written a long counter response. Now, I’m more like, eh, let’s see what everyone else comes up with. I haven’t been posting much lately cause truth be told, I haven’t been sitting behind a computer all that much lately. Due to an upset stomach, I’ve spent more time behind the computer in the past 48 hrs than the past few weeks and it really hasn’t been fun. When I go ghost, hopefully I’ll be having more fun than I am now.

2 thoughts on “…more MGTOW bashing by the Men’s Human’s Rights Activist’s….

    1. Basically dropping out of society…

      relatively easy for a man with little social obligation to do, ie a man with no wife or children…

      also there is another concept of “mercenary men” I read about, that’s similar to expatriating.

      I haven’t read any Rand but hear a ton about her.

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