…jams from the heart…

So this is just a quick recording I did last week…

I’ve played guitar for years and more recently have been learning about recording…

I’ve been losing my passion for blogging…

The page hits have gone down and a few people who followed me seemed to have disappeared. Maybe they felt the lack of passion on a gut level. You can only spend so much time yelling at your computer screen over the bigotry of Marcotte, Futrelle, the alt Right and all the other interwebz fascists for so long….

I have stories to tell. I may or may not tell ’em here. I do have to at least acknowledge a huge part of my life if I’m going to continue. And I don’t think this’ll surprise anyone…

10 thoughts on “…jams from the heart…

  1. I hear a lot of potential. At this point, you might want to find some like-minded people and start jamming some ideas with them. If nothing else, the main riff to battery won’t sound like weaksauce with no bass underneath.

    Give ’em hell, man. \m/

  2. What kind of music do you want to play? I see a good mix of classic rock to thrash metal throughout your video postings, with everything in between. (Mad props on the Overkill post a ways back.)

      1. “what do ya think of the tunes????”

        I like this one better:

        “according to you I never had one in the first place…”


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