hahaha, I guess this makes me a libertard…

So, I took this little quiz…

These were the results:


on foreign policy, economic, immigration, domestic policy, healthcare, and social issues

Green Party
Green Party

on foreign policy and science issues


on economic, science, and environmental issues


on foreign policy and environmental issues


on immigration issues

I’m actually surprised by this…

I suppose all the alter-righty tough guys like C.Rudd will want to be my friend now. Thanks, but no thanks. Besides, I don’t fit into the race realism/HBD whine about things because I couldn’t get a real job because affirmative action camp…

As far as I care to delve into politics, drug should be legal, prostitution should be legal. Shit like the draft and Selective Service are egregious human rights violations. I wouldn’t want to murder some little kid in the middle east so scumbags O’Bombya and Bu$h can sit back and watch their oil stocks go up. My feelings on abortion are complex. I feel it is a form of murder no matter what arguments the feminazi’s try to shove down people’s throats. I do also feel that restricting safe access to abortion could cause more harm than good. Even though it may be unethical, there are most certainly times when it is an understandable choice-ie the mother’s life is at jeopardy. I can also understand how a woman who was sexually assaulted wouldn’t want to carry the pregnancy to term. And there are times when some would say it’s the most merciful choice.

…I didn’t vote for O’Bombya or RMoney, don’t blame me…

4 thoughts on “hahaha, I guess this makes me a libertard…

  1. This shouldn’t surprise you at all. The man-0-spherians are socialists. They just happen to be socialists who hate blacks and the Jews.

    You have the opposite politics of the man-0-sphere.

  2. You should call him Chuck Ross, not Chuck Rudd. Rudd was a pseudonym he was trying for a while when he wanted to try to preserve his real identity. Call him Chuck Ross so that when people search his real name they get results like this that expose his real views.

    Chuck Ross is not a real libertarian. HBD people want laws that give better status, favorable treatment, and special protections to white males, at the expense of blacks, so like Black Pill says they’re just socialists of a different stripe.

    1. It’s so much more fun calling him C.Rudd (crud) than C.Ross…

      But I see your point, he is apparently trying to develop a professional writing career but even though he may try to present himself as “reasonable,” he has allied himself with racists and nutjobs…

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