2014 motherfuckers!!!

2 thoughts on “2014 motherfuckers!!!

  1. A weird aside: I felt Machine Head got lost in the mix due to bad timing. They came out in the mid-90’s when grunge was dying out and alternative was taking over. What a horrible decade.

    Part of it might be related to politics and the economy. Alternative was huge in the Clinton years when the economy was (nominally) doing well, people had 2 or 3 jobs as well as side gigs going on, and everyone was happy. It was a bad time for metal. Enter Bush 43, people are pissed off that he “won” the presidency, the economy shows its true colors (chickens just coming home to roost) and we’ve had 12 years of great metal and counting.

    Just one more reason to enjoy the decline.

    1. I remember back in the day auditioning for a band that used to be death metal. One of the guys had his hair braided. I showed ’em some fast riffs, they looked at the ground. When the bassist and drummer were doing a “groove thing,” I’d bend a string and then just scrape the strings. The singer smiled. There were a few bad y6ears for metal. Strangely enough, I thought the Europeans like Arch Enemy and Soilwork brought it back.

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