…what do you think????

Well, I suppose that by posting the above video, if I was ever a part of the so called man-0-sphere, I ain’t any more…

I kind of laugh when man-0-sperians get 0-so angry when people working minimum wage jobs want to unionize and get more…

Quite frankly, I don’t understand why they get so butt assed hurt that someone wants a living wage… Obviously, they can simply vote with their wallets and avoid MceeDee’s, Walmart and Target. Not so hard to do…

Yeah, I heard the argument that increasing wages will lead to more automation. Well, at a certain price point, everyone is replaceable. It’s kind of funny, I remember a few years back, when I went to the bank, the teller kept on telling me about online banking and I kept on saying not interested. Didn’t she realize she was essentially talking herself outta a job? I was hesitant to go onto online banking because of security issues. I’m sure her manager was offering a $20 bonus for signing X amount of people up or whatever, but it’s funny how shortsighted most people are. Then again, she might not have seen her job as a career, just something to do while going to school or waiting for a fat-cat bankster to “man-up” and marry her.

It also cracks me up when someone like Chuck Rudd/GL Piggy is all on the dick of someone like RMoney. Dude, I don’t think O’bombya is a good guy. We’re still in Afghanistan, hope, change all that bullshit-lies, lies and more lies… But back to Piggy. The guy ain’t rich, in fact he might be poorer than me, I didn’t go all into debt gettin’ mi edjamacashin’. So, yeah, I suppose he thinks that by supporting the wealthy, they might let him join. Look in the mirror, man, these fuckers ain’t promoting your best interest. They might let you fetch them dinner, but just because you are white and they are too, you are stupid to think they care about you. (Same logic goes for blacks who voted for O’Bombya just because of race.) But I suppose pretending to be part of some elite vanguard makes being broke a little less painful.

One thing that is coming clearer to me is that “opting out”/MGTOW has far greater consequences than not marrying. I also see that the so-called alternative right and AVfM/Spearhead brand of MRA has NOTHING to offer me and probably most other men. But, unlike an idealogue like Elam or Price, I would not be as presumptous and condescending as to speak for all men. I know for a fact that many men operate counter to my best interests.–that’s the one thing the PUA’s got right, other men aren’t your friends, they are your competitors…

It’s fucking obvious the “social contract” is broken on many levels, not just between men and women…

One thought on “…what do you think????

  1. Yeah stuff like this is a big part of why while I can guess I fall under the MRA title I really can roll with the AVfM/Spearhead crowd.

    When you really look at the two poles of politics neither one is actually doing much for men. Republicans are holding on to a traditional idea of masculinity in order to continue grinding us into the ground and literally get rich off our backs. Democrats want to replace traditional masculinity with a new masculinity that basically translates into blaming everything that’s ever gone wrong on men and then making “help women first and foremost” a deal breaking condition before doing ANYTHING to actually help men.

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