…won’t get fooled again…

Hello Dearest Friends,

I’ve realized that I am blogging in a voice that is no longer my own if it ever was. Quite frankly, I am tired of logging in, working myself up into a tizzy while listening to some undergound heavy metal and writing in a voice that feels less sincere and more imprisoning with each passing day. I’ve realized that the rage I portray isn’t the rage of someone who has been injured in real life. It is fueled by narcissism and entitlement. I’ve not made myself a better man by reading anti-game blogs, MGTOW or MRA stuff. With much soul searching, I now realize what erudite tumblr feminists understood without any critical analysis and purely on their intuition–misandry don’t real. In the past I’ve looked at the superb writings of pro-feminist males such as Hugo Schwyzer and Figleaf with suspicion and tried to refute their views with the uncaring, cold hard views of cynicism and logic. I now realize I was blind to the bigger message because of my privilege and entitlement. I need to be of greater utility to others, especially women. Male disposability is something made up by selfish basement dwelling virgins–truly some vile shit.

This is where you think I’m going to bash the manosphere and say the SPLC had it right-wrong. While 96% of it is garbage that should be censored, there is some great stuff. I’m going to start juicing on the recommendation of the fabulous Matt Forney, surely one of the finest minds of our generation. I’m also going to begin the fast food paleo diet ™ and, uh as far as self improvement, here is the zinger. After my self improvement routine, I hope to have the 12% lean mass beach body that babes love. And my hopes are the penis enlargement isn’t just an inerwebz fad. I’ll finally be the man I’ve always wanted to be. I’m also gonna get some extra T. With my new and improved bod, I’m gonna buy some e-books by Clarise Thorn so I can practice ethical and feminist approved pick-up. I realize much of my bitterness wasn’t my own but inspired by those disgusting MGTOW men. I realize now that my body is a gift to give others pleasure. Those selfish bastards would rather be celibate or pay an empowered conventionally attractive woman–and at that, pay not even for the sex but for her to leave and not complicate their threadbare lonely lives. And those self absorbed MGTOW’s truly are the lowest of the low, unlike lesbian separatist feminists, they won’t even give gay sex a try. I’d like to find another man on the pro-feminist path and since sexuality is culturally conditioned and not innate, have him show me the way. Even if I break down in tears and have to get blood poisoning drunk to complete the act I want to conquer my culturally conditioned homophobia. It’s the only way to be sex positive. I will only penetrate a vagina with my penis if extra enthusiastic consent is achieved but I want all women to know that my tongue is available for cunnilingus 24/7. Throat cancer be damned, I think those stats were made up by woman hating MRA’s. No fear of HPV, herpes or chlamydia will hold my tongue back-to do otherwise would be blatant misogyny.

Now I can’t go any further without mentioning that beacon of light; Chuck Rudd shines brightly in a world of darkness. I originally wanted to think that his views and the views of his ever insightful and on point alt-right commenters were racist. I knew deep down that like a loving parent dispensing bad tasting medicine, my discomfort was for my own personal growth. I was “uppity” for not unquestioningly accepting his world views. I now see how POC’s, NAM’s, SWPL’s and victims of miscegenation such as myself are truly selfish and it is benevolent and intelligent white men such as Chuck who built civilization. I realize that I am on the lower end of the hbd scale and if I do better than him at an IQ test, well the test must be flawed. If I earn more money, it is not because of hard work but because the system hates merit. If I write an original thought, it must be because I plagiarized it from someone higher on the hbd scale even if we can’t find that specific someone. Only a truly selfish POC, NAM or SWPL would go 40k into debt then get a part-time service job so they can blog. Powerful purebreed white men like Chuck hunted the mammoth with occasional help from Hugo Schwyzer and David Futrelle so that we could all eat.

Now if you think Chuck and his ilk are great guys, you don’t have a clue who does the real heavy lifting in the world around us. It is upper-middle class white women like Amanda Marcotte and Jill Filipovic. They can feel things so much stronger than the rest of us. It is the white woman’s burden and it is the heaviest weight in the universe. If Chuck hunted the mammoth so we could all eat-a great metaphor for creating the laws and institutions of this world, well then it is surely these ultra-ultra-benevolent women who are our emotional and moral compass. They are always right and never wrong, even if they seem it. They only seem wrong because you are an unfeeling subhuman Nice Guy ™ that has failed to check your privilege at the door. Forget forensic evidence or due process, if an upper-middle class white woman feels uncomfortable for 5 seconds, that is worse then one thousand innocent men being put to death (and the lower on the hbd scale, the better.)

Now I must atone publicly for my worst sin, my addiction to the vilest of the vile-heavy metal music. It is not pornography but heavy metal that is the decline of western civilization. (Sorry to burst your anti-porn bubble, fellow pro-male feminist Robert Jensen.) If you think it is bad that Jesus murders a kitten every time you cleanse your prostate to exploitation videos produced in the San Fernando Valley, it is so much worse what he does every time you listen to metal. He makes an upper-middle class white woman slightly uncomfortable. Just think, all those times when people blasted Metallica. Oh, how awful. The distress has lowered upper-middle class white women’s life expectancy from 86 years, 234 days, 23 hours, 47 minutes and 28.23543 seconds to 86 years, 234 days, 23 hours, 47 minutes and 28.21643 seconds–global warming, boo-hoo, this is the greatest danger of our times. I vow never, ever, ever to listen to any heavy metal again!!!!!

Happy (belated) April Fools Motherfuckers!

Yup, I was so lazy I had to reprint last years post….

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