…there’s no point arguing the wage gap…

Okay, so we know that more men are in the death professions. It is evident that more men die at work and men die earlier. Some men and a very few women will naturally be drawn to dangerous professions like soldier. That’s their right to choose it. However, if society actively disincentivizes dangerous jobs, then less men will do them. More men by proxy will align with MGTOW values as other avenues become shut down to them. This may or may not have a deleterious effect on society. As technology increases, automation will replace many dangerous jobs…

…now what about the apex males, you ask? The pro athletes or CEO’s??? I don’t begrudge someone like Steve Jobs for making millions by creating an innovative product. I find it ironic however when I get in an argument with a so-called libertarian who flips out when I suggest that the minimum wage should be increased. Dude, I’m so sure you are a busy wealthy guy when you have so much time to divert from writing code and saving the universe to call me an idiot. I’m evillle for suggesting your maid and gardener should be able to earn enough to have decent housing. How dare I persecute the “productive class” when those who sweat don’t earn enough to live. It’s evident the apex males don’t look out for me so I won’t look out for them.

As women’s wages increase relative to men’s–it makes no sense to pay for women via dates and what not. The only reason to ever get into the protector/provider role for a woman is if she is bearing children that are genetically yours. Let the so-called M(H)RA’s battle femanazi’s over the wage gap. It’s a non issue for a MGTOW man…

6 thoughts on “…there’s no point arguing the wage gap…

  1. Well said. Just don’t hold your breath for a woman to pay for the date. Not even her half.

    Feminism and the Nanny State can do whatever it likes, but it cannot reprogram human evolutionary programming.

    1. It does happen every once in a while. I’m female-bodied, and I’ve paid for the majority of every “date” my FwB and I have gone on since I met him 8 years ago. If we go out to eat, I pay the bill and he pays the tip. If we go to a movie, I buy our tickets he gets the box of Milkduds. He often borrows my videogames instead of purchasing his own…I doubt I’ll ever get my copies of Left 4 Dead and Mass Effect 2 back *sigh*.

      The trick, I’d assume, is finding a chick who is really independent, not just when it suits her to claim “empowerment”. In other words, a fellow adult who knows the value of work and being financially responsible. If you meet a woman who talks the talk (fish and bicycles, don’t need a man, independent lady) but doesn’t walk the walk (accepts female-only scholarships, thinks women need different rates on business loans, makes more than you but insists you pay because reasons/penis), run away.

      Run fast.
      Run far.

  2. ” As women’s wages increase relative to men’s–it makes no sense to pay for women via dates and what not.”

    Of course it makes no sense. That’s why, as I told zorroprimo below, I pay for the stuff my FwB and I do together because I have more disposable income. Having a clit doesn’t mean you’re incapable of opening your wallet, honey. Having a penis doesn’t mean you are an ATM. (And if anyone is confused by the fact I pay for 95% of our “dates” and don’t feel used, it’s because I insist upon it and it is more logical. He has offered to pay more, but I declined of my own volition.)

    ” Let the so-called M(H)RA’s battle femanazi’s over the wage gap. It’s a non issue for a MGTOW man…”

    It should be a non-issue for just about anybody, seeming as it’s not as large a gap as the media pretends. 77c on the dollar? Yes, if you don’t include any other factors like
    -skill set
    -regular hours worked
    -overtime put it
    -willingness to complete lengthy projects
    -whether maternity leave was taken
    -number of years on the job
    -educational level
    -willingness to learn new skills to keep up
    -whether years were taken off to raise kids

    Once all these are accounted for, the pay gap decreases to around 3-5%. Even this can probably be accounted for by the fact that men, in general, are better at negotiating higher starting wages for themselves. Are there some employers out there who are sexist towards their female employees, or automatically give men higher salaries due to a belief they are “the breadwinner” and thus deserve it more? Undoubtedly. But it’s important to note that what they’re doing is illegal and is hardly the norm as portrayed.

    Btw Stoner…I have a MGTOW Survey up at my blog and would be honored if you’d lend your voice of experience.

    1. as far as the survey–I really don’t want to put allot of personal stuff out there and give ammo to some bully like David Fraudtrelle. I will say that MGTOW was a survival strategy more than a “choice.”

      1. That’s okay, man…I understand. If you change your mind, I’ve had 4 guys so far give me their responses privately via email instead of using my comments section. I’m not going to include usernames in my followup post without the author’s permission either. But if you don’t want to answer at all, that’s cool too.

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