A song that is purportedly about a woman who seems to think it’s A-okay to throw men’s penises in garbages disposals….

Okay, so this is off of the “forgotten” Black Sabbath album.

I recently got my hands on this and it’s been on heavy rotation.

So, Ian Gillen is a little awkward at times. Technically more skilled than the legendary Ozzy but not quite the voice that was Sabbath. Nor the smooth harbinger of doom that Dio was. Yeah, competent for sure but just a little mismatched in my estimation. Tony Iommi just shreds on this. He must’ve been hearing guys like Vah Halen and decided to put his best foot forward. I really like his solos here. The production isn’t very good, in fact I’ve heard demos that sound better. Irony of ironies, my first exposure to this era of Sabbath was Cannibal Corpse’s interesting cover of “Zero the Hero.”

Now, y’all have probably heard a bunch of not so nice things about Ozzy’s wife Sharon. You’ve probably heard MRA’s go on and on about her terrible comments about throwing a guy’s privates down a garbage disposal and then feeding them to a dog. Maybe you heard about how she decided to re-record the bass and drums on the legendary Ozzy albums with Randy Rhoads so the original musicians wouldn’t get royalties. Or maybe you heard about how her crew pulled the plug on Iron Maiden when they played live to make them look bad and Sabbath look good on an Ozzfest. Oh, well, the above song is purportedly about her. Looks like she’s just as controversial as her hubby. And, yeah, I don’t even think a creeper male feminist like fatuous Futrelle or scummy Schwyzer would even defend her actions but I’ve been wrong before. And, uh FTR, (and so those hypocritical “social justyce” ™ typze don’t throw a hissy fit) I don’t endorse calling badly behaved women bitches–it’s disrespectful to female dogs everywhere.

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