It’s Time for a schism between MGTOW and the M(h)RM.

…alright, I suppose that most of you saw Elam’s histrionic outburst against stardusk. Obviously, this isn’t a man cut out for a leadership role. If anything he’s more like some kind of Morton Downey Jr. drama king talk show host. Now, that should be the first marker that there’ll (eventually) be a schism…

But there’s a bigger trend…

…many have said that the M(h)RM is just a parody of feminism. Let’s take a quick look. Well, look at the obsession with victimhood that both seem to share. Sure bad things happen. And, yeah people do get dealt bad hands. And sometimes, just sometimes you just can’t pull yourself up by the metephorical bootstraps… But it’s funny (as in ironic) how you’ll hear those grrrl power types talk about “empowerment.” Being a victim is all about powerlessness. Let’s take a look further, feminist’s and traditionalist’s love, LOVE to deny a woman’s agency-her power. All that talk about “patriarchy” and “privilege.” Well, yeah, MRA’s unfortunately seem to get themselves stuck in the same game. And let me tell you brother, it ain’t gonna get you anywhere.

You do not want to be a victim, for that is to abdicate your power, your agency, your freewill. “Whose a bigger victim” is a pissing contest you don’t want to play. It’s an endless race down a bottomless pit.

Now MGTOW offers something different. You know the game is rigged. You know you are gonna get a raw deal. You know you’ve been cheated in the past. Well, your not a victim to walk away. It’s like some drunk guy egging you on to fight. He’s bigger, but your faster. Yeah, you could probably break his fucking jaw and bust his kneecap. But then you better get outta there before his friends pile on. And even if you can get outta that bar door in one piece, your credit card is sitting behind the counter. You really don’t want to stand infront of a judge ever again. Court fee’s, lost time at work. Naw, this is drama you don’t need. Yeah, there’s that little macho voice telling you to rumble. But even after a few beers, there’s that other voice telling you to just laugh and excuse yourself from the situation.

Or here’s another example, that so called “career” you’ve been forcing yourself to go to every day for 5 years as your life rotts away. Well, one day you wake up and admit to yourself that you don’t want to do it anymore. Good thing you’ve got a small fortune in the bank. Heck, you don’t have to do anything for 5 months or so. So you just stop going. But good on you, that competitor who always cussed your name hears from someone that your no longer at {Brand X} and, uh, “we should do lunch and talk shop.” Well, the waves are out, or the mountain trails are calling or whatever. And you never really liked that competitor. And who wants to go to an unofficial business meeting/interview anyways. And all the other drones are all, “well what about your resume, what about your career.” And what about it, cause none of them have been at one place for five years. You know your next employer will know you are a survivor cause not too many people could stick it out as long as you did and get results. So what if you won’t have a good reference, they know you just don’t last half that long if you can’t deliver. Yeah, it’s cutthroat but they just call it the “organizational culture” or some other shit where “thinking outside the box” and “empowering our employees” really means sitting in a cube for 8 hours a day and saying yes. And, uh, not that I’ve actually lived through that–let’s just say it’s some friend of a friend hypothetical thing a little bird told me 😉 –and of course how could a “victim of miscegentation” such as myself who is far lower on the HBD scale than a purebreed rational thinker like Chuck Ross be sitting on a pile of cash when my “superior” is drowning under student loan debt. But hopefully I haven’t gone on too far a tangent and you’ve been catching my drift. There’s power in walking away. There ain’t in being a victim. Or to misquote Dave Mustaine, “Men’s Right’s Sells, But I Ain’t Buying.”

6 thoughts on “It’s Time for a schism between MGTOW and the M(h)RM.

  1. Aaron Clarey and Fatt Homely. Two of the most pathetic stooges pretending to be authority bloggers of all time.

    And, yes, MGTOW needs to cut ties with the Whiney Men’s Cult.

    I lost all respect for Elam when he lost his shit over Game. He’s the male version of a feminist: Telling other men how they should live their lives like someone put him in charge.

    1. Elam couldn’t be more condescending by calling his site A Voice for Men then shouting down any man who disagrees with his feminist inspired worldviews. I also don’t have any use for the whole spearhead crew. Most of the man-0-sphere is a cesspool and is doing feminist’s jobs for them.

  2. Stoner you realise there is no personal solutions to systematic problems?

    Feminism is invalided because women where never victims and privileged. MRA is valid because men are targeted and victimized.

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