An “empowered” woman vs. an “abusive” man.

You can check it out here.

Really, does anyone even believe liars like Futrelle, Marcotte or Schwyzer at this point?

Just remember, if you are a male and you are the victim of violence-whether by a man or a woman–man the fuck up, it’s comedy….

Why should I give a shit about a society that thinks I’m a worthless piece of shit…

…and remember,that creepster Elliot Rodger’s actually killed more men than women with his temper tantrum…

9 thoughts on “An “empowered” woman vs. an “abusive” man.

  1. That’s because Elliot wasn’t an MRA.
    He was a rich, entitled bastard with a huge narcissist complex who freely admitted he hated *any* man or woman that had a “better” life than himself. He talked about killing women for having the “gall” to reject him, and he talked about killing men so that he’d have “improved” chances of getting laid.

    He wasn’t a misogynist…he was a privileged prick who thought everyone, of either sex, was laughing behind his back and had such a superior life than himself.

      1. Agreed. He may very well have had something else…a number of people are saying he was on the autism scale…but guess what? If he *was* an aspie it had little-nothing to do with this despicable murder spree. I have a significant amount of customers and close acquaintances who have types of autism who would absolutely never do this. Some of them are even older virgins, or have a legitimate “fear” of new women.

        But none of them are sociopathic assholes.

  2. Oh, and as for the main topic at hand;

    It’s not anything new. Men are apparently fine as punching bags, whether in public or no. I wrote about this back in June of 2013.

    Be sure to click on all the YouTube links, but pay special attention to the last one where the male is getting battered by his girlfriend. ABC held a small Q&A session with some of the people…their responses are sad but typical.

      1. Thanks.

        And yeah…it’s weird and disappointing that onlookers would feel that “normal” women are worth protecting, but women who *might* be sex workers aren’t. Also the fact that wearing a low cut dress seems to dehumanize them, or automatically make them lesser in society’s collective eyes.

        If it we me, I’d take a punch for any of them. I’ve gotten hit before for idiotic reasons in school…I would gladly fight for another man or woman who needed me to. Would wear the bruise proudly, in fact, because it came from doing the right thing.

    1. It’s not anything new. Men are apparently fine as punching bags, whether in public or no. I wrote about this back in June of 2013.
      And I can recall an old episode of the Tyra Banks show where she did a similar test (actor acting out partner violence in public). She the following scenarios:

      Man getting violent with woman.
      Man getting violent man.
      Woman getting violent with woman.

      During one of the “man getting violent with woman” scenarios Tyra and her camera crew had to reveal themselves and explain what they were doing because someone had called the NYPD (reporting that the had a knife although there were none) and they were on the scene trying arrest the male actor.

      1. That was pretty dumb of them. At least when ABC does their “What Would You Do” show, they call local law enforcement to let them known what will be taking place and the exact location. I guess Tyra’s camera crew didn’t think ahead?

        I find it odd that the caller would mention the man had a knife. It was probably pretty obvious he didn’t…I wonder if they saw the glint of his watch or were just jumping to worst case scenario without actually paying attention.

        And do let me guess: Nobody called about the woman when she was the abuser?

      2. And do let me guess: Nobody called about the woman when she was the abuser?

        Oddly when it was man v man and woman v woman the onlookers just mostly walked right on by. Some people stopped and looked but just kept right on going.

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