Tasteless but funny nonetheless…


Remember, this POS actually killed more men than womyn with his hissyfit but all the media is saying this is about misogyny.

I didn’t bother to read his manifesto, but I bet it reads like a Hugo Schwyzer blog post-“Please everyone, feel sorry for me because I’m better than you and if you disagree, you are evilllle… …wahwahwah…”

7 thoughts on “Tasteless but funny nonetheless…

  1. I think we have a winner here… not Poor Poor Pitiful Elli*t R., but the photoshop in question. He obviously bought into all the feminutz propaganda, didn’t check his facts, and suffered a sad life because of it.

    Had he questioned the flawed philosophy of feminism, he might have had a chance at an accidental moment of alpha*- which would have been enough to get him those 5 minutes of lovin’ that might have validated the meaning of his existence. That’s a pretty big big “if”, but buying into the nonsense lock stock and barrel gauranteed it wouldn’t happen.

    (*most of what passes for Manna From Heaven on Game blogs derives from happy accidents. The best advice I can give is to just be the best you can be at whatever it is you’re doing. Putting in hard work to improve at something takes discipline and effort, which will make you a better person, even for trivial endeavors such as doing laundry.)

    1. This is why one must filter through anything on the internet with a bullshit detector. When your premise is wrong, everything that comes after that can only be more wrong.

      scata has it part right, about betas being incentivised by marriage, and thus highly improved odds at procreating. Where he gets it wrong is that “beta incels” were not simply “granted” wives. Even in societies where arranged marriages are still common, there is a vetting process. Since the sons in question can be young, they extrapolate based on the son’s family. Good family- probably-maybe a good son, thus p-m a good husband. So the intrepid beta now has an incentive to be a better provider, but also adds on quite a bit of responsibility… he now has mouths to feed, and some of that time will be spent feeding otherwise helpless mouths.

      By scata’s assertion, marriage made life eaier for men, but that’s just a reframing of feminut clap-trap; yes, it improved the odds of breeding, but it also put constraints on the man by adding a lot of responsibilities onto him. If one was lucky enough to have a skill (eg, blacksmith), he could provide a useful service, but couldn’t necessarily innovate in his field due to the need to knock out x widgets per y time period to provide for his family.

      Destroying feminism would not make this aspect any different now than it was back then.

  2. It’s easy to see why Eliot should believe that all the girls should come it him.
    Didn’t his father make movies where the reward is the girl? Obviously, all
    he needed to do was make a bunch of self-pitying videos, and the world
    would beat a path to his door.

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