Bang The Head that Doesn’t Bang!!!

Nice little find on the youtubes…

It’s sooo 80’s it makes me laugh and, uh, it feels more punk than thrash–that could just be the Dead Boys cover…

That solo-man, I like it fast, but not all that clean. Still makes you want to sit down and practice guitar for a few hours…

3 thoughts on “Bang The Head that Doesn’t Bang!!!

  1. Yo man idk if you like/heard of Kalmah, but here is a badass song, and pretty relevant to MGTOW mentalty:

    ‘Smile, obey, behave, educate
    Do what they tell you to do’

    1. That’s a great find…

      I think I heard their cover of Carcass’s “This Mortal Coil.”

      Reminds me of an old band Amorphis…

      When I first heard it, it was “whoah, the Doors meet Death Metal.” Also seems like they’ve got an Amon Amarath influence…

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