…a PUA basically says “Game Ain’t Real”…


Now what he says is common sense to anyone who hasn’t been brainwashed by weirdoes like Roissy/Hearitste.

He basically says that guys who have an above number of sex partners look better than average and approach more women than average…

That’s all there is to it…

He also divides things up-most these guys aren’t doing thousands of “cold approaches.”

Anyone whose worked even a second in sales knows that referrals and answering warm leads is allot easier than making “cold calls.”

He mentions that most these guys are hooking up within a social circle or getting introduced to a new circle through pre-parties, clubs and after-parties.

He also mentions alcohol. Yup, alcohol…

He never says “game ain’t real” but acknowledges that most guys who clean up wouldn’t even know “game” as it is described within the man-0-sphere…

8 thoughts on “…a PUA basically says “Game Ain’t Real”…

  1. I’ve read a number of “Game” blogs, as well as articles/books by various guys like Mystery and Strauss. Very little of it makes sense, and that which does is pretty typical of any mating strategy.

    Be upfront? Well yeah, duh. Wallflowers of either sex get far less attention than those who are open and friendly.

    Be sharp? Yup, agree with this one too. A classy, well groomed/well dressed man or woman will almost always be seen in a better light than someone who has bad hygiene and doesn’t care about their appearance.

    Be memorable? Yes, but you don’t need a funky hat or aviator goggles. People like being in real conversations and having others listen to them…Instead of relying on weird “openers” to insert oneself in an ongoing conversation with a woman, why not wait for a natural lull or opening in the topics being discussions and casually state your own thoughts? Then you won’t be a random invader, you’ll be someone with knowledge/opinions to offer.

    I don’t know…a lot of “Game” sounds like it would only work on women who have low self esteem or are materialistic/shallow. Just like “The Rules” sounds like a way to score a musclehead jock who won’t actually question anything you do so long as you have tits.

  2. I have a different take on this. “Game” isn’t the only *game* in town. The guys he describes banded together and came up with a pretty tight social-proofing strategy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have girl *friends* who are winging for them. Groups provide a bit of a safety net, and when there’s a lot of alcohol being consumed, it can be reassuring to the girls in the group to have a couple surly guys having their back in a pinch. It’s win-win for all involved.

    And to be fair, I also read into it that these guys weren’t simply going after pump-and-dumps (“Game” style)… it looked like they were looking for girls they could connect with on a deeper level, which is something “Game: really has no answers for, becuase it’s not designed to do so.

  3. Keep lying to yourselves. Women won’t ever tell you what they want, because they don’t really know themselves. Women love Bad Boys and Nice Guys finish last. Feminists yammer endlessly about how they hate stuck up arrogant guys, and then at the party they’re all over them like a cheap suit. It really is a GAME. There are rules to it. If you keep listening to Feminists they will just steer you wrong, because they really don’t like men!

      1. @Stoner

        Don’t even get me started on this “sexy felon” crap. For one thing, yes he’s handsome in a very typical/society says way, but he’s far too skinny for my tastes. Also…he has a tattoo of a teardrop. Isn’t this an indicator of a successful murder? Dafaq does anyone want to do with someone who has no respect for human life? Pass!

    1. @Josh: The problem with this game is that most of the players aren’t informed of the rules. Worse, they are disiniformed about some of the rules. Disinformed, as in “intentionally told the wrong thing”. And that’s the polite way of putting it.

      PUA and MGTOW do a good job of clearing out misconceptions and poor verbage. Now all they have to do is come up with a winnable endgame.

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