is this a metaphor for drugs????

haha, seems like if you switch “poosy” for beers or weed or whatever else, he’s talking about drugs…

he does seem to have that look that hard living will give ya…

in my personal life, I’m finding that I’m grinning when I krank a tube amp to era splitting volumes, hit an open e chord, then chugg out some riffs…

driving fast still feels good…

and I found myself laughing an hour into a bike ride…

3 thoughts on “is this a metaphor for drugs????

  1. Good catch. It does sound like an addict “Chasing the Dragon”.Pleasures of the flesh are hard like that, because they are so fleeting. Get high, come down, decide whether or not to get high again. It’s also why psychedelics scare the shit out of people who don’t know any better- having to look at yourself from within can be frightening, especially in a society based on external validation. (Looking at you, Murka.)

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