It’s pretty funny when a bully who uses sarcasm doesn’t even get somone elses’ humor….

So, for any guy who has dared venture into the minefield of online dating, they’ve probably run into empowered womyn with long laundry lists…

ie, must be 6 ft tall, must be a professional, must have a degree…

yada yada yada…

and if a man posts an ad on craigslist, he likely won’t get any replies…

…but if he does, they may ask him to join some dating site –credit card and social security number needed, man up!– or they may be from professionals –of a different sort than the one’s the womyn demanded you be– or it’s some weirdo like Chuck Ross talking about alternative right wing politics and how he does a mean Anne Coultier impersonation –uh, thanks but no thanks broe even if I was gay.

Yes, men don’t get to have long laundry lists of who they want in a partner unless they’re a motherfucking rockstar or something and then they sure as shit ain’t posting on Craigslist…

Men aren’t the “selector sex.” They don’t get to sit back and choose (excepting rockstars, pro athletes and the rare lucky guy.) This is the instance where PUA’s have at least accepted the reality of the situation for most men even if many of the things they say aren’t true.

So apparently some guy wrote a laundry list style ad for shits and giggles. The fatuous Manboobz, er Mammoth eater, er or is it hunter bigot didn’t get the humor. Or in some form of femanazi intellectual dishonesty, disregarded the humor because, apparently, if you throw enough low status men under the bus, eventually you might get some female attention… Didn’t bother to link so you can look him up if you want, or don’t… Anyways he did post an update saying it was probably fake because Huffpo had an article awhile back over a similar article. But hey, when you use sarcasm as a weapon, it’s easy to miss someone else’s lighthearted humor about the futility of online dating for most men.

One thought on “It’s pretty funny when a bully who uses sarcasm doesn’t even get somone elses’ humor….

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