HBD-the religion of the sub par: Don’t Trust Clarence In Baltimore

So, I was just attacked by a male feminist/race realist/game evangelist named Clarence in Baltimore at FC.

As is typical of male feminist’s–their hatred of other men-especially low status men who have made slightly more of themselves is in full display here. You’ve seen this vile pattern with scumbags like Manboobz and Hugo Schwyzer. And, most tragically with that Rodgers sociopath and his bloody temper tantrum–remember, more men were killed.

While most feminist’s go to great length to hide their racism–Clarence has apparently thrown in with the HBD Race Realist crowd.

Funny, he mentioned how he “defended” me from a bunch of slavering racists at the now private GL Piggy blog. His idea of “defending” me was whining that Chuck Ross ban the comments neo nazi’s had made threatening violence against me. Defending me wouldn’t have been crying for the banhammer but jumping in the fray and showing links on how these idiots were wrong. But that’s not how male feminists operate. He was called a liberal and everyone made fun of his “white guilt.”

Now onto this Chuck Ross creep er, character. Just like Clarence, he is an ardent defender of the fake religions of HBD and of Roissyite Game. He’ll talk about how people should “pull themselves up by the bootstraps” and how entrepreneurs like RMoney are hurt by this backwards economy but somehow that doesn’t seen to apply to his personal life. He went 40k into debt for a degree that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. If he really believed all his libertarian rants, mayby he woulda financed his edjamacayshin like this broad empowered feminist womyn ™ –wait, I know what all ya MRA’s are gonna say–nononono-wage gap, male porn stars make no money in hetero sex scenes. Uh, alright then, he coulda gone “gay for pay” but since he was linked to androphile Jack Don-0-van-maybe those “ohs and ahs” wouldn’t have been acted. Maybe he woulda really sunk his teeth into the work.

Anyways, condescending Clarence, if you are reading this, you are probably thinking I am anti-white. That is not the case. I am mixed, a half-breed or as all the butt boi’s from IMF used to say a “victim of miscegenation.” You attempt to insult me by calling me a “broken record.” Well, if you endured what I have in real life it would’ve most likely broke your fucking back. Do you have any idea of the pain of having both sides of your “family” tell you that you are a worthless piece of shit? When literally, your only friend was your dog? Do you know what it is to be a man without any homeland? You can’t even phathom my reality so shut the fuck up and go to hell. I had a great weekend-played a fretless bass for the first time ever, watched fireworks, drank some beers and ate some bbq. But in the back of my mind-I was upset. I know, strategically that is a mistake for me to admit as you are probably smiling and thinking “mission accomplished.” I’m used to abuse online and IRL. But what pisses me off most is your fake friendship. I’m all fine with disagreement and even being called an asshole. You were never moderated at this blog and that was obviously a mistake. I saw you not engage but abuse commenters here. You had every chance to state your thoughts civilly or otherwise. But you took the path of least resistance-lies.

Here’s a song for you:

5 thoughts on “HBD-the religion of the sub par: Don’t Trust Clarence In Baltimore

  1. Hey man…come on now. None of that shite.
    You aren’t a “half breed”, and anyone who calls you or other people that simply has their head so firmly lodged in their ass they wear hats on their balls. You’re a regular person, same as me. I’m alabaster colored, my middle siblings look mixed, and my youngest sister is in between. Does it matter? Nope.

    Don’t listen to racists, dude. They are a dying ideology that uses crap “science” (aka pseudoscience and half truths) to back up their claims of “superiority”. There are fewer and fewer of them every passing year.

    You are an awesome man. If we lived near each other, I’d haul over some Angry Orchard hard cider and we could just shoot the breeze. That’s not going to happen any time soon though, so just forget them and keep rockin.

    1. Angry Orchard–last time I met someone who drank that, she had a gluten allergy and drank it cause it was gluten free.

      The man-0-sphere has a huge seedy side. Clarence got angry when I stood up for my own self interest. I really don’t understand why those people don’t think I’m going to react badly to them when they tell me to “swallow a red pill” that is poisonous to my own health. Some of the men who have gone against these ideologies include Mr Black Pill whom Clarence hates with a passion, Alek Novy whom Clarence seems to be afraid of and myself. Clarence never called me a half breed but he expects me to be tolerate towards those who are intolerant towards me.

  2. I am in ancestry; Irish; English; German; and French. That is, Irish, heh, heh.

    I had my maternal DNA done a couple years ago. Several members of my family are very racist, which explains why my Mexican wife and I do not see them very often, like once in thirty years or less.

    I was hoping the original maternal ancestor was Zulu, like Oprah. I really wanted to give the racist members the great news. But, no luck. Totally European. Rats!

    1. Oprah is not of Zulu ancestry.She’s lying.I know this because I’m part-Zulu myself.The truth is that most if not all Black-Americans are of West-African descent.The Zulus live on the extreme Southern parts of Africa in cities like Durban and Pietermaritzburg.The people from this part of Africa were only enslaved by the Portuguese to Colonies in Brazil and by the Arabs to Yemen (google Afro-Yemenians) never by the British.The only Southern African country that “contributed “slaves to North America was Angola.Therefore it is virtually impossible for Oprah to be a Zulu.

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