Butchering Disposable Heroes

Alright, so this is my favorite Metallica song and I decided to give it a go…

yeah, I know there’s a few mistakes and the mix is far from perfect..

I find my backing tracks at places like this.

2 thoughts on “Butchering Disposable Heroes

  1. Pretty cool. Did you do all the guitars on this, or did you do the bass as well?

    This was one of the songs I used to jam to as an endurance test, so I gotta ask… the the melody that bridges the pre-chorus to the chorus: were you intentionally trying to do something different?

    1. The bass is none other than the late, great Clifford Burton.

      I did the guitars rhythm and lead, since it is a jam track a few spots have some pre-recorded rhythm guitars but the rest is me.

      Yes, this is an endurance test and I panned one rhythm track left and one right-each a complete take taking the best of a few tries and no punch ins. I know I’m not 100 % faithful to every note but I feel like I’m 90%-or close enough for rock n roll. I heard Chimaira do Disposable and Mastodon do Orion and they weren’t 100%. Ironically, the most faithful Metallica cover i’ve heard was Trivium doing MOP. So, yeah, I changed a few things, not so much intentionally. Maybe I’ll give Battery or Ride The Lightning a go…

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