I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

So, I don’t like Paul Elam. Not one stinking bit. He sure as shit isn’t my voice. It’s condescending and pretentious that he calls his site A Voice for Men. I wouldn’t donate a single penny to his organization…


I don’t think he owes it to the media or man hating feminazi’s to reveal his finances

…Fatuous Futrelle seems to think otherwise…

…well, Davey–put up or shut up…

Why don’t you reveal your finances?

Why don’t you show how much you spend on food?

I bet it doesn’t go to fruits and vegetables…

Well unless the high fruitcose corn syrup in Mountain Dew counts for fruit and the flour in your feminist cookies count as veggies…

And, uh, alcohol–how much do you spend on booze Davey poohs?

And, we all know about male feminists and their extensive porn collections. The only guys with more of a back catalog are “husky” guys like Forney, and, well, you look like your in the same weight class. I won’t bother to ask what your deviancies are but a full audit would show the whole world. Transparency, studmuffin-it’s a great thing when you have nothing to hide. You could say it’s all for “research.”

And the visits to prostitutes, er, sex workers. That was also “research” against the evillle patriarchy. Don’t worry, Fraudy, I’m all for a good time and I suppose a PUA would say it’s alpha that you gamed your sad readers into giving you money for recreational activities. Just as long as everyone, guys and gals were over 18 and consenting, it’s all good. They were over 18, right???

Mammoth Manboobz–either put up or shut up…

You remind me of that chickenhawk Ted Nuggent. If there is anyone who shoulda just shut up and played his guitar, it’s him.

Now Fruitelle, I suppose you might think I should reveal my finances. Well, check this shit out. You don’t see a donate button on my blog do you? You don’t pay my bills, so you can fuck off. And here’s the really sad part. I probably pay way more in taxes than you or your race realist HBD informed buddy GL Piggy. And he claims guys like me only take. Bullshit. I haven’t had health insurance my whole adult life and according to your hate movement–I’m privileged. Or is that privileged ™…

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