….cutesy wootsie metal….

well, I ran across this on youtube…

obviously this isn’t the “old guy” thrash I grew up on and love…

it has a mix of house music and pop with Fear Factory-esque riffing and some Slayer inspired whammy bar…

hehe, metal is one of the last bastions of masculinity, I guess this is the logical conclusion when womyn infiltrate…

I suppose I’m supposed to be mad, but I ain’t, it’s kind of funny but not enough to make me laugh…

I suppose man-0-sphere dudes like Advocatus Diaboli will get into this so they can seem “edgy.” Back in the day, we used to call Ministry “metal for preppies.” and those singer broads look like their 12, I’m sure Mandy Marcotte is throwing a hissy fit somewhere while her white knight male feminist allies are saying how awful it all is as they take their smart phones to the potty as they rub one out take a dump.

One thought on “….cutesy wootsie metal….

  1. As an occasional anime binger, I hear this sort of thing all the time. The Japanese have a weird relationship with metal. O the one hand, they genuinely love the real thing. On the other hand, they like to mix and match it with everything, including the kitchen sink (which I think was used to process the vocals.)

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