They won’t be happy until every low status man has throat cancer…

Well, you’ve probably seen articles where femanazi’s insist men lick their HPV infested vaginas

…and your probably aware of the increasing risk of throat cancer from eating cootchie

…and if you had a favorable opinion of femanazi’s, you might just think they were recklessly after a good time without care to the oral health of the men and womyn unlucky enough to lick them. And, I don’t even want to think of when I see a feminist buying an oversized jar of peanut butter but I hope she isn’t abusing some poor dogs…

But, alas, femanzi hate site is now an E-cigarrette site. Those femanzi’s hope you get throat cancer one way or another, even incel doesn’t save you here…

yeah, leave the cigars and hard liquor to closet cases alpha males extra secure in their masculinity while they blog about how superior they are on parody feminist man-0-sphere blogs….

…and, uh, you might think it’s odd to hear an anti smoking message by a guy who goes by stoner with a boner, but goddamnit and fuck, the best psychadelics are eaten, not smoked. Maybe it’s an opinion but I’ll stand by that like gospel.

4 thoughts on “They won’t be happy until every low status man has throat cancer…

  1. Another reason why the oppressive n-count is so important. The higher the n-count, the higher the risk of HPV (or other STDs) present in said cootch. Is it directly proportional? Who knows… But if you don’t make this a factor in the cootch-eating equation, you’re an F-O-O-L FOOL! I also advocate condom usage for the modern slut-slayer for the same reasons. Especially if you get drunk at the clubs to do your pick-ups, ‘cuz at the moment of truth (rolleyes), the last thing you’re thinking about is “does this chick have (insert STD here).”

    Time to let it burn so we can start over…

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