An Open Dare for the Man-0-sphere/Men of Fear ™

So, it’s summertime-that means more daylight, beers on the beach, and, uh, music fests…

Well, there’s the Woodstock for man hating femanzi’s er, empowered pure XX chromosomed individuals called Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival. It is a womyn only event-no penis owners allowed.

However, I thought it might be a fun prank to parachute in there butt ass naked and streak until kicked outta the event. Then, I thought, ah, maybe it ain’t such a good idea. I’m sure there’s a Lorena Bobbit or six among this crowd just waiting for the opportunity to test her butcher’s knife against an XY Chromosomer’s testicles. And besides, whereas bigots like Manblob Futrelle loudly proclaim the SCUM Manefesto is parody, I don’t think I’ve got the intestinal fortitude to test this theory against women who call themselves womyn.

In a normal music fest, the women–not womyn– would probably think a streaking naked man was funny. I suppose high fives, slaps on the butt cheeks and request for pics would be doled out. But, I dare not mess with the womyn o’ Mich Fest. So I extend a dare I would not carry out to the tough guys of the man-0-sphere. Hey, if nothing gets chopped off, you’ll have some stories for your grand kids. But if something does get chopped off and you manage to survive, well, I suppose you could rebrand yourself as a Lady Boy and charge guys like Roosh an exorbitant price for “companionship.” Don’t worry, while the feminist’s of Michfest would call you a “privileged imposter” Roosh would write on his blog that he was sampling the finest women the Western world has to offer…

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