Those that hit, shouldn’t be immune from being hit back…

Look at how those femanzi womyn think equality means being able to hit someone because they have a penis but they aren’t allowed to hit back….

Only one woman was rational here…

UPDATE: OG vid is gone, here’s a shorter one…

3 thoughts on “Those that hit, shouldn’t be immune from being hit back…

  1. Reblogged this on Tarnished Sophia and commented:
    This is why I love Ms. Goldberg. It’s not the first time she has spoken the truth, and it likely won’t be the last.

    “Don’t hit anybody!” she says…what a novel idea! No, men shouldn’t hit women. But then, women shouldn’t hit men either. Let’s all just get away from this automatic violence and recognize that problems are solved with words, not fists.

    I have never hit, kicked, or slapped anyone…man or woman…in my 30 years of life thusfar, other than when goofing around. And you know what? When my guy friends “punch” me back, it’s what I was expecting would happen and I’m happy that I’m enough of one of the guys that they treat me the same.

    Ms. Goldberg is correct: You cannot hit someone, whether playing around or attempting to harm, and not assume you’re going to be hit back.

  2. Its amazing how folks will run around talking about how no one should hit anyone UNTIL its applied to women who hit men.

    Ray Rice’s wife hit him and he hit her back. Regardless of who is bigger and who is stronger why is the conversation all about “men shouldn’t hit women”? When are we going to get to the part of the conversation where we recognize that maybe if she hadn’t have hit him first this entire mess may never have happened?

    Why is it now “victim blaming” to point out when a woman engages in mutual violence?

    This is another example of how the lens of gender has messed up the perception of a serious topic.

    The lesson here isn’t “real men don’t hit women” or whatever. No the lessons here are:
    1. When someone hits you don’t respond with extreme violence.


    2. Don’t hit people.

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