This is why incels (and PUA’s) irritate the shit out of me.

Alright, so I’m prepared to be called a “misogynist” for writing this. And some blogger might even call me gay, but irony of all ironies-they’ve probably got a link to buttmuncher androphile Jack Don-0-van and talk about drunken retreats in the forest with other WN’s while they wrestle naked to prove their “masculinity”…

I realize upfront that any discussion of my appearance is meaningless without some pictures but I’m not willing to doxx myself to state my point. I don’t consider myself handsome–I’m no Brad Pitt or whoever the ladies diddle themselves to these days. But I’m also far from a manblob like misandrist Futrelle or bully boi Forney. I’ve had a few women tell me I looked good over the years–yes I know strippers don’t count. I’m probably a little weird looking being a mutt, er mixed. I’m smaller and less muscular than I’d like but the fact that I can see my dick when I take a piss probably means I’m in better shape than the “average” American man.

So, I hear all these clueless incels whine and cry that if a womyn would give them the time of day, all their problems would magically be solved and they’d wake up with a million bucks in the bank. I also heard those PUA’s condescendingly talk down to other men who weren’t willing to turn themselves into mindless approach machines. Neither of these groups could help me–and they couldn’t even begin to fathom my personal situation. Obviously, I’m no rockstar and I don’t get a shitton of attention from women. I also don’t get zero attention. I tend to get attention from the wrong women. I probably could’ve had 3 or 4 “relationships” perhaps relationshits would be a better word over the past ten years with mean, sarcastic and violent women. But it was a much better option to avoid the Jerry Springer show. So you see, my situation is one of self preservation rather than sexual starvation.

My mother is a 2nd wave feminist and a vile, selfish and violent woman. I remember hiding under a table with my sister while my parents fought. We’d make plans to hide in a closet or run to a neighbors house if they came after us. Dear ma would call dear paw “Mr. Wonderful” while dear pa would call dear ma the “Wicked Witch of the West” as the sound of walls being punched and toys being broken wrung out. Yes, both parties hit and both my parents were violent. It didn’t happen how those femanazi’s or asshole traditionalists say it must happen–where a boarish violent man attacks a helpless and kind woman because, like, patriarchy donchya know. Eventually they got divorced, it would seem a good thing. Except, now I was the “man of the house” and my femanazi mother found in me a great punching bag. Finally when I was about 12, she stopped hitting me. I asked why and she said it was because I was now bigger than her and she didn’t want to get hit back. Equality, equality you motherfuckers…. But that didn’t stop her sharp tongue–or what those empowered lowlife’s like Marcotte call “snark.” Yes, sarcasm is a form of violence. Looking back the punches were much easier to take.

Fast forward into my “adult” life. That shitty childhood just seems to make me a bit more aware of somehing that doesn’t exist in the world of a PUA or an incel-a bad woman. There are the cues you don’t want to see. She berates people on a daily basis especially her good for nothing ex. She has a furious temper that comes out when she drinks. But it’s always someone else’s fault when she explodes. Society gave her a bad deal. Womyn are discriminated against. She had a bad childhood-but unlike mine that gives her liscense to hit. Other women and all the dickless white knights will line up all day long to make excuse after excuse. And a guy like me is a misogynist if he won’t risk giving damaged goods a chance open up his heart and take a chance at love.

Let’s not mince words here. Jodi Arias is a good looking woman. Let the PUA’s and incels throw their 23 sided D & D dice and argue whether she is an HB 59.012456 squared to the nth power or a an HB 954-36.45 pie at the 29th equinox. I know avoiding a sociopathic cunt misunderstood vyctym of society ™ and living another day is far better than getting chopped up SCUM Manefesto style. Yeah, I can’t help but thinking how many rad-fems were gleefully laughing about Travis Alexander being hacked up. Now, I’m not claiming most women are like her. Her malice is reserved for the few murderous psycopath’s who are eventually revealed. But I do know from my own personal experience that the few women who are drawn to me aren’t the women I should get close to. I suppose there is something defective about me but I’m not about to pay a psychologist $10,000 to figure it out. For me, legalized prostitution would be a much better option. Make sure the hookers are psychologically tested to get the meanest and most vile out of the business. Make sure I have legal protections so that if they hit me first (I’m not some S & M weirdo) I can legally defend myself and if they try to rip me off, I have the same recourse that I’d have if any other business establishment did the same thing. As a great man once said, “You don’t pay for the sex, you pay for them to leave.”

8 thoughts on “This is why incels (and PUA’s) irritate the shit out of me.

  1. Hey Stoner.
    Before I actually respond to the post/stay on topic here…Are you alright?
    This reads like a “getting something off your chest” post. Did anything set you off today or did you just wanna rage for a bit?

    Hope you’re well.

      1. With you there, dude. There are FAR too many “MEN” who “KNOW” all about “MASCULINITY.”

        Elam is one. Douchebag Donovan is another. Those worthless pricks Captain Crapitalism and his butt munch-boy Matt Fornicate are a couple others.

        what is with the manosphere? It’s a pile of hitheaded 25-year olds who read only The 4-hour Workweek and Fight Club. A retard festival.

  2. Im thinking youre growing. It is sometimes a tough slog but youre well on your way man. 🙂
    My wife pointed something out to me a while back. Anger is sadness unresolved. Im less angry than I was 20yrs ago. Here’s to another 20. 🙂

    1. From which generic self-help book got she that from? Anger is anger and sadness is sadness. Keep thy religion to yourself, buddy.

  3. Jodi Arias is a good looking woman.

    Was a good looking woman. She now looks like an aging schoolmarm. Whether she gets the death penalty or not there’s some karma evident in this incident.

    There are the cues you don’t want to see. She berates people on a daily basis especially her good for nothing ex

    Major red flag when a woman talks about how miserable her ex was.

    I also heard those PUA’s condescendingly talk down to other men who weren’t willing to turn themselves into mindless approach machines.

    I give ’em credit for being able to take rejection after rejection. It doesn’t hold a candle to what you went through.

    I can’t help but thinking how many rad-fems were gleefully laughing about Travis Alexander being hacked up

    Barbarossaaa has a video about Catherine Kieu Becker cutting off her husband’s penis and the subsequent hilarity from the likes of Sharon Osbourne and Julie Chen. I think you’ll find some key insights into the female psyche there.

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