…last minute Halloween Costume Idea #666-male feminist…

…if you are tall and gaunt, you could play the Schwyzer card…

…but if your built like Forney, well the Manboobz approach might be better…

…fear not if you haven’t treated your body like a walking expiriment of what 7 dailyMcDonalds meals does to your body. You could still find alternatives to simulate 30 years of bodily abuse via high fruitcose corn syrup. Just remember if anyone makes fun of your manboobs-they aren’t just a sexist pig but an evillle transmisogynist. For real men prowdly sport manboobz.

Optional-scraggy, patchy beard that is endemic of the authoritarian left….

Also optional-I need feminism so I can still feel manly when my GF rapes me with a strap-on sign.

Non-optional black thick glasses that let the world know you are a pseudo-intellectual…

…Also, if you got the “Sweitzer” route, you may want to carry a “decapitated head” depicting a woman. And a sign, “So what if I killed a few exes in drug fueled rage, only MRA’s are misogynists.” Just be careful though, if you are the slightest bit ethnic looking, you might have problems with homeland security. Remeber, your trying to be a male feminist, not ISIS here, dudebro.

If a dog runs up to you and urinates on your leg, congrats, you’ve authentically recreated the creepy self-hatred factor endemic among “men” who find lower status men to bash just for a chance to sniff the privates of womyn who hate them.

If you are as sadistic as a real male feminist, you can harass homeless men, tell them to man up and get a job and that it is only upper middle class white womyn who have problems.

“male suffering”


If you want to read something that’ll make you mad, read this.

The poor guy in the above photo was assraped while in the Marines. He is telling his story and his suicide attempt. Now look at the woman in the slightly out of focus picture.

Look at her lip. Y’know what she’s feeling? I’m not the most socially intelligent guy out there, but when you are low status, you will see this far more than a smile, especially from women. It’s called contempt.

Women hate, Hate, HATE weak and powerless men. Well, a guy who is drugged and buttraped and then attempts suicide-that’s textbook powerlessness.