Black Friday

So for Thanksgiving I had dinner with my friend and his girlfriend. She works in retail and had to be at work at 6 PM. We quickly ate then dropped her off. It was crazy, the mall was packed. I rarely go to the malls, sometimes for a late night movie but otherwise I try to buy what I can online. I was amazed that there must’ve been a thousand people in line to go to Target. Then I thought about it, why would people be in line except if they like it. They can comfortably sit back and get what they need on the internet. No, I think people stand in line for the experience, hoping there will be a riot. They didn’t get Ferguson, but they might get this.

Regardless of race, gender or other political affiliations, I think “opting out” of Black Friday and excessive consumerism is a good thing.

The Mangina meme is way off….

M(h)RA’s are a bunch of idiots and low grade bully’s…

It is often (wrongly) thought that the term “mangina” is denigrating of one’s masculinity.

While calling a man a pussy is calling a man weak…

M(h)RA’s aren’t calling men they label as mangina’s weak, they are calling them “white knight’s.” Creepy male feminist’s are white knighting to get access to women. (And one has got to wonder if those goddamned feMRA’s are doing it for the dick, or the far more likely explanation–for the attention.)

Male feminist’s are often macho even though they shit all over other men. Yeah, machismo is all about shitting all over other men, why do you think those PUA motherfuckers are obsessed with calling other men beta’s and sexless omega virgins? If Roosh 5 was really as much of a pussyhound as he claims, he’d spend far less time shitting on Indian men and far more time banging high class Ukranian hookers.

Male feminists macho??? Yup, seems contradictory but it ain’t. Warmchine, that MMA ‘roid head who beat up “his” woman–not so different than creepy male feminist Hugo Schwyzer who almost killed an ex in a drug fueled rage. Huggs might seem, well, a bit effeminate but the telltale machismo is still there. He berates low status men by lecturing them for daring to “opt out” when they know the system is stacked against them. That machismo is just a bullying streak wrapped up as “social justice” in a pathetic attempt to shit on low status men and try to impress women.

I’d be willing to give MRA’s a pass on this if they really were different, but they aren’t. Elam is a schoolyard bully who waives his arms around, shuts down other men and pretends to be an authority when he doesn’t know shit….

The whole MANGINA schtick is just a sad attempt to regulate other men, irony of irony, it’s the same shit the male feminists they claim to hate do with their talks about “toxic masculinity.” Well, my idea of “toxic masculinty” is turning yourself into a protector-provider to support some trad-con broad like Judgy Bitch. I don’t want the entanglements of a wife or girlfriend. I wouldn’t mind a FWB, unfortunately, I don’t have the looks or social skills to get one. Haha, I almost used Advocatus Diaboli’s advice to hire a high class prostitute when I had cash, but my ADHD got the better of me and I bought a high gain guitar amp on ebay. Probably a better way to spend my cash but I suppose that makes me a misogynist.

…what’s your poison????

So, uh, this is just a guess, based on reading various people’s blogs at the kind of porno they look at when no one but Big Bro NSA and creeper O’Bombya are watching….

Chuck Rudd, Clarence in Baltimore and all the HBD Race Realists

internet tough guy Matt Forney.


feMra/Honey Badger Typhon Blue


Alpha males Paul Elam and Hugo Schwyzer


masculine man, Roosh 5


The man who hunted the mammoth (and ate it to)–David Futrelle

So-nawt-a-trad-con Judgy Bitch

and, uh, you just know all us whiny, slimy misogynist MGTOW’s would stop being MGTOW’s if we could get with an empowered, feminist womyn like this…

now here’s a great song that hits a little too close to home, if ya know what I mean…

MGTOW is a workaround

I suppose many have heard the term workaround before…

If you haven’t, from the great wiki:

“A workaround is a bypass of a recognized problem in a system. A workaround is typically a temporary fix that implies that a genuine solution to the problem is needed. But workarounds are frequently as creative as true solutions, involving outside the box thinking in their creation.”

Long story short, we live in a society with a broken social contract. Traditionalists seem to think telling women not to be sluts and telling men to man up and marry them will return us to some magical era that probably never existed. M(H)RA’s seem to think reforming the legal system will make things better. Traditionalists magically ignore the fact that many men do not have the earning power to support a family. They also magically ignore the fact that many modern women don’t necessarily want the role of housewife. Also traditionalists intentionally ignore the male disposability that is inherent in their system. They don’t want self aware men questioning the dangers that await in this flawed system. M(H)RA’s seem to think that revising laws and increasing the governments involvment in people’s personal business will level the playing field. Even if they can change the laws, this will take many, many years. I’ll be an old man before marriage is “safe.” And it’s not just the laws that need changing but societies attitudes and judges biases.

Many have accused MGTOW’s of being cowards. Well, when your house is burning do you run in with a pail of water to preserve your “mancard” or do you run to safety and call the fire department? Traditionalists can pedal out the shaming language, except for those in enclaves-such as the highly religious or highly wealthy, the risk of divorce would be foolhardy not to factor into one’s choices. M(H)RA’s can waive their arms around and proclaim they are “doing something” but aside from annoy a few feminists on twitter, show me one fucking good thing they’ve done for low status men. Simply put this is not a perfect solution for a perfect world.

For me, MGTOW isn’t about hapiness, it’s about survival…

Traditionalist Women Have NO Part in Any Self Respecting Men’s Movement

Watch this video, then watch it again….

When a card carrying feminist has a position that is more favorable to low status men, you know things are really bad. This feminist realizes that having women sign up for Selective Service would essentially end Selective Service. (The draft was ending as this was during the later parts of the Vietnam War.) The traditionalist won’t hear it. Keep low status men as cannon fodder for the US Warmachine. So what if many of them will be crippled for life. Gotta love ‘muricka where a veteran becomes homeless and a draft dodger President.

So, I’ve come to realize that the real enemy of male autonomy isn’t feminism but traditionalism. Sure there are plenty awful feminists and many of them do espouse male hostile traditionalist values. There is an old joke, “there aren’t any feminists on a sinking ship.” How many of those feminists cling to female privilege when push comes to shove? If the Nice Guy ™ memes are any indication, it looks like 99.9999% to me.

We’ve already seen the joke of having a site advocate “pro-feminist” values to men while claiming to be “male friendly.” That cesspool was TGMP where white nationalists like Jack Don-0-van get to shit all over weak men, but don’t you dare critique him, because like hom-0-phobia, donchya know… We’ve seen the Marcotte’s, Schwyzer’s and Futrelle shit all over low status men with the check your privilege bullshit. But you dare not bring up statistics like men make up the majority of deaths in the workplace. Check your privilege, you filthy, misogynist, penis owning motherfucker. How dare you upset queen bee Marcotte with your facts and figures. You don’t have a degree in Womyn’s Studies or was it Art History, like a real man who get’s pu$$y like alpha studmuffin Schwyzer. Off to permanent moderation for you, you annoying rabbel rouser you. You might be a heterosexual male, but your not fully white and earning $85,000 a year–that means your not really a MAN. Be quiet and don’t pollute our fine site, you bad man-boy.

Now onto that sewer AVfM. How the fuck is having a Trad Con like Judgy Bitch pro-male. I get it, she’s good at picking fights with feminists and when they slug back, everyone feels bad, because, don’t like evar hit a grrrl, even when she throws the first punch. But look at what she’s really saying. She’s not advocating for better treatment of low status men. Let’s play armchair psychologist. She wants grandkids. She doesn’t even really care about her sons. She just wants women to stop being cheap sluts so that her sons can find good womyn to marry and give her grandkiddies. Does she even care if one of her sons’ is torn to pieces in the US Injustice system and kills himself after the divorce? She might shed a crocodile tear or three but she still gets to see the grankiddies the day after X Mas. Just like most womyn, her sons are means to an end not human beings.

And that alpha male motherfucker, Elam. It happens all under his watch. He’s no friend of mine. Keep convincing yourself that you’re a male ally when you tell bully boy Futrelle to kill himself. Hell, I don’t like Futrelle one bit, but Futrelle, please keep talking, please keep telling lies, please keep Manboobz/Mammoth going. Y’know why? For every misrepresentation you and your syncophants spread, MGTOW grows stronger. It the insurgent mathematics Stanley McChrystal spoke of. You keep telling low status men they are privileged, they need to shut up and listen. You keep telling lies like feminism helps men when they’ve seen fathers assraped in divorce court. When they’ve seen veterans kill themselves. Keep up with the misinformation. These men aren’t stupid, they might only have an 88 IQ on paper but they connect the dots. They see the bad deal. And, slowly but surely, they “opt out.” They don’t become debt slaves in the prisons of higher education. Just like insurgents, we are decentralized. Keep shitting on us, you are making us stronger. What is weakness to others is strength for us. I could never write a blog again. But a new guy see’s what happening, takes one of my ideas, takes one of Stardusk’s, takes one of Barbarossaaaa’s. And comes up with something even better. Rinse and repeat. Cells of angry men with bleak futures telling other angry men how to avoid the worst of their misery….

So Elam, I don’t need to send you an “ironic death threat” over twitter. I hope your pathetic, worthless site fails. And I wish you much worse. I hope you know what it’s like to walk in my shoes. Limited financial prospects, a bleak future. No Baby Boomer 401k-work until the day you die and don’t own property motherfucker. The reality of homlessness, not something you read on a Social Justice Warrior website. My life would break your back. Fuck You Asshole–whose the real Mangina now?

MGTOW and “misogyny”

If you have the misfortune, or I guess morbid curiosity, you may venture over to Roosh 5’s troll site–or at least I hope it’s a troll site but I’m not sure when it comes to the pseudo religions of “game” and HBD. Of course Fraudtrelle ™ took the bait–it must’ve been wrapped up in a McDonalds cheezeburger…

Now, Return of Creepers, er, Kings seems to be taking over where Inmalafide left off. A funny cesspool for guys to raise their arms and go “arrrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!” But one thing it certainly isn’t is MGTOW. It’s advocating marriage, an institution that has shown itself toxic to men. MGTOW’s as a group are advocating avoiding marriage and all the entanglements that go along. It’s the so-called MRA’s who want to turn things into a girls club and don’t care about the well being of men who aren’t upper middle class, white and vote Democrat.

MGTOW is at best a lose coalition of men writing about their experiences and observations, “opting out” or negotiating a rough terrain as best they can. While there may be a few who are misogynists, most of the anger seems to come from women and white knight men who are upset that these men dare to take their utility off the table.

This is where there is a huge divide from the manureshpere and Elam’s M(H)RM in regards to MGTOW. Where are MGTOW’s trying to control women? I don’t see it.

So, you wanna be a feMRA, here’s a few rules to follow!!!

1.) Understand that men are leading the forfront. Womyn have had 170+ years as Queens of the gender debate and it is time they let men talk and stop with the condescending “mansplaining” tag.

2.) When it comes to Selective Service, the Draft and testicular cancer, you are not male bodied so shut up. Hunny buns, when you are legally mandated to sign up at 18 to be the cannon fodder of the US Warmachine, then we can talk.

3.) Womyn don’t get to decide if they are “allies” to the men’s movement. Darth Elam does, err, men do. If some MGTOWS or video gamers don’t trust you, well maybe you should find somewhere else to hang instead of tearfully demanding they stop being virgin misogynists with micropenises and let you in their inner-circle.

4.) Take responsibility in asking out men and splitting the tab for dinner and drinks rather than expecting men to do all the work.

5.) Use your female privilege to fight the gynocentrist, misandrist culture we live in. When Sharon Osborn laughs about a man being mutilated because he asked his sociopathic wife for a divorce yell at the top of your lungs, “DV is never okay and you don’t get to cut your husband up because he dumped you!!!”

6.) Don’t use the label of feMRA to get low status men to like you. If you just want some cock, lose 30 lbs (or don’t there are lotsa chubby chasers out there) throw on some make-up and go to a dive bar. Buy your target, er, non objectified consenting penis owning partner a drink and politely ask, “wanna fuck?”

7.) When high paying offers to discuss the plight of low status men come up, don’t hog the microphone and turn it into a “what about teh menz” sarcasm fest.

8.) Educate yourself about the history of low status men, how they have been slaves, soldiers and sailors. Look how they have been written out of the history books and how a prominent future feminist President erases their existence when she says “Womyn are the primary victims of war.”

9.) Ensure your masculinism is intersectional. When Lord Elam and Darth Esmay run their mouths and sound like a parody of the upper middle class white womyn they claim to hate, maybe you should step up and say, “Well, if you really want to help men, maybe end draconian drug laws that make non-violent offenders into hardcore criminals.” Before diving into the MRM, remeber that loudmouths like Esmay and Elam ARE NOT the VOICE for ALL Men!.

10.) Realize that that sometimes low status men need to discuss male issues without womyn around–And that’s okay. They also need to do it without creepers like Jack Don-0-van and Hugo Schwyzer trying to stick things up their butts.

11.) When men criticize your movement in the MRM, don’t talk over them or talk down to them. Actively listen and be accountable.

Thanks to Derrick Clifton for writing a terrible article for me to rip apart and change genders. Admit it, you were rolling your eyes and thinking that I’m a “misogynist.”

If she walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck-she’s a traditionalist.

I don’t like JB, I don’t trust her and I think it’s an absolute conflict of interest to have her “advocating for men.”

Look, she is smart and highly educated. She claims it was because of her choices and not thinking clearly that she became a stay at home mom. I don’t care if a woman decides to stay at home, maybe it is better for the kids. And truth be told, if she needed to get back into the world of work, she could have a job that pays 40,000 or more a year in less than 10 weeks. Just stop picking fights with the femmies on twitter and start sending out those resumes grrrl. But where she calls herself stupid, I call her cunning. I’m almost surprised she didn’t grab her hair and say, “I’m a blonde, tehehe, what’ya expect?” but that might be too obvious…

She went to grad school because she was “husband hunting.” Haha, husband hunting. Slightly less crass sounding than the guy who is on the lookout for the dime piece of ass. But equally “objectifying” to use a term thrown around by femanazi’s. Did she hunt him with a big barrel elephant gun? Or is a fishing analogy more appropriate? A man with high earning potential is a “good catch.” Isn’t that what those progressive womyn with their high standards and edjumacshin that papa paid for, ain’t that what they say? I don’t know, I don’t travel in the circles of upper middle class white womyn who aren’t feminist but sure as shit could be.

Now, as I said before I don’t particularly care if a woman is a stay at home mom. And for the most past, I’d be willing to live and let live. But here’s the thing. Let’s just say a lose collection of low status of men with similar backgrounds to myself, men who may or may not label themselves MGTOW–unfortunately there is a group trying to recruit us. This group are the assholes at AVfM. At least the feminists have the common decency to merely openly hate us and mostly leave us be when they don’t have a bully liar like Futrelle painting us as the biggest scum since Jeffry Dahlmer.

Unfortunately, with loud mouth authoritarian Elam, he wants foot soldiers and donations. He is trying to pass off AVfM as friendly to low status men who are “opting out” to varying degrees. But that’s bullshit. Look at his histrionics towards Stardusk for merely not wishing to be a walking, breathing utility. Look how he let Wooly Bumblebee shit all over the carpet. Quite frankly, I think she took the cake for shitting on MGTOW’s. Fatty Futrelle probably studied her “work” to get a sharper tongue. Still, condescending Elam needs followers… He keeps trying to recruit for his movement. He’s trying to find men to throw away. Men he looks down upon with seething contempt.

Now the beauty of MGTOW is decentralization. It’s similar to the Insurgent Math Stanley McCrystal spoke of. The conditions in society that make life more miserable for low status men get more guys to see the closest to winning isn’t even playing. Just like “the war on terror” there is no way to win. The best you can do is secure as much freedom, liberty and autonomy as possible. If I drop off the face of the earth and never blog again, if I work 60 hours a week so I can visit hookers and go to bars throwing myself at women, well, 10 new guys start writing and truth be told, their writing will be sharper and more insightful. I can’t even tell you the number of times I thought I came up with an original idea, I barely articulated it on my blog and then I saw some guy on an obscure forum say the same thing with far more clarity three weeks before me…

Anyone reading carefully might be thinking that I’ve said all this before. I have but for me it bears repeating. So I risk being redundant.

Many men in my situation will be angry. That’s where the bullies like Marcotte and Roosh 5 paint us as angry bitter men with micropenises who are just angry because pu$$y doesn’t just fall outta the sky. Yeah, the anger is there–often not from the causes the bigots and bullies claim. But anyone who denies you your anger is dehumanizing you. Anger may be scary but it is a human emotion. The more dangerous emotion for the individual is loneliness. Yeah, it’s not talked of too often, but if your honest you know it’s there. A subtle pain that’s unmanly to acknowledge in any public capacity.

But this is where the problem lies. Just like the US Warmachine and every other warmachine before it, Elam needs bodies. He uses the face of women to recruit. The concern trolling of Typhon Blue, the tough grrl antics of JB and the alter-sexuality of short haired Girl Writes What. Just like a warmachine calls men who “opt out” cowards, Elam has shaming language. He shit over Stardusk, saying he was “stepping on his dick.”

Again, I’d be willing to let live if the condescending fuckaroos at AVfM were merely yelling loudly against feminists, it would be a-okay. But stop trying the recruit the guys on Tuesday that you shit on on Monday. It’s like the US Warmachine calling black men niggers one day and soldiers the next.