Adios AVfM…

Well, I’ve been saying for a long time that there needs to be a split between so-called MRM and MGTOW ideologies…

Paul Elam is a condescending autocrat and a card carrying member of the authoritarian left –hell I wouldn’t be surprised if he voted for Obama.

Don’t believe me? Good. Go take a look at things and start thinking for yourself…

I’ll save you some time thought. I’ll drop a couple of bread crumbs…

Look at how he talks to other men with his claims of status. He’s done it to me, he’s done it to Stardusk. Shit, if you jump through the hoops of being able to post at an authoritarian site like AVfM, he’ll probably do it to you. You’ll see the iron banhammer the millisecond you deviate from the party line that he and his womyn (the honey badgers) know way more about the “male condition” than you ever will even though you are getting your ass kicked every day in real life while he’s in his condescending ivory tower asking for donations.

Look at the hierarchy over there. It’s lord Elam, with Democrat Socialist extraordinaire Dean Esmay as his right hand man. And just like a Stalinist purge, oldtimers like John The Other are discreetly being shown the door.

Then you’ve got his queen worker bee’s. A trad-con who lives of the profits of her husband while she tries to say mean things to equally authoritarian women who spew similar things (feminists) on Twitter. Do you really think she see’s a low status man opting out as fully human? Or is she secretly resentful that this man isn’t providing one of her “sister’s” a backup plan by staying in the reserves?

You got Typhon Blue concern trolling men with her repackaged Rad Fem ideologies. Sure men can be raped and that is good to bring this to the forefront. However, not every time a 16 year old boy has sex with a 24 year old woman is it coercion or unpleasant. It’s not the place of nosey MRA’s, hateful feminists or the government to bully two individuals with their private matters.

Then there’s Girl Writes What. I give her credit, she is a good writer. She’s even been honest and said that she takes ideas presented by sharper thinkers and repackages them. She gets more views because she is a woman. I’m not talking shit here, she has openly acknowledged this. Now do yourself a favor. It’s probably best that you read transcriptions where possible. Listening, you may be lured into thinking that she is a loving, caring woman that you didn’t have with your mother. With the transcriptions, read some stuff by Stardusk and Barbarosaaa. Then read GWW. Realize that it was infact, Barbarosaaa and Stardusk influencing her thinking. She just watered it down to be less offensive to “alpha’s” like Elam. She is the best the MRM can give to men and she isn’t even original.

Now, I’d be willing to take a live and let live attitude. But a man who has shit all over MGTOW’s and low status men with a fervor almost comparable to bully boi Futrelle see’s fit to missaprorpiate a title for his own uses. His authoritarian viewpoints are in 180 degree opposition to the concept of GOING YOUR OWN WAY. I was never a part of the MGTOW forums and never saw a need to be. If I believed in god, I wouldn’t have to celebrate my relationship with him by going to some crusty old building and listening to some creeper who hurt young boys. However, go read this. Elam celebrates another man’s failure so he can pick up the pieces and claim he is doing it right. The strength of MGTOW is the fact it is a decentralized movement. An insightful former general correlated how when the US Warmachine murders Arabs, they create more terrorists. Just as the repressive response of the western world creates more terrorists, cruel and sociopathic women create more MGTOWS. While Elam pretends to be “a Voice for Men” by being somewhat mean to monsters like Marcotte and Schwyzer, he is doing nothing for individual men when he asks for donations for his “movement.” AVfM has no place for men who respect freedom, autonomy and dignity. I say let the feminists show their repressive authoritarian colors. It’s simply a mistake to “fight fire with fire.” To quote something I saw on a videogame once:

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.”


8 thoughts on “Adios AVfM…

  1. A lot of food for thought there. Seems this area is more fractious than I realised. I took them at face value but what you say makes sense.

  2. “You got Typhon Blue concern trolling men with her repackaged Rad Fem ideologies.”

    That’s one problem I have with the MHRAs – they want to expand sexual abuse hysteria, which is what leads to men being arrested for BS accusations/charges in the first place. Don’t see the point in that.

    1. Very true, Emma.
      I talk about female-on-male rape on my blog, but only so that it’s understood that it happens. If a 17 year old boy has eager and willing sex with an equally enthusiastic 25 year old woman, that’s not rape. Same as if it was a 17 year old girl and 25 year old man. The thing about rape is that the raped person *doesn’t want to have sex or are too young to give consent*. If neither of these fits, it’s not rape in my mind.

      As for guys being arrested for BS reasons, how about guys who get thrown in prison for being 19 while having sex with their 17.5 year old girlfriends?

  3. Stoner, I can see your reasons for not liking AVfM, but does that necessarily mean you dislike the concept of a MRM? For example, if there were a group of people in your state who actively petitioned for more male equality under the law and they didn’t associate with AVfM at all…would you join them? Or do you believe that the growing numbers of MGTOWs would be enough to spark change (besides “bachelor taxes”, which I could definitely see coming down the line)?

    1. MGTOW and MRM will inherently be incompatible. IE my best political action is “opting out”-not listening to some bully autocrat like Elam. As far as “political action” –really, I’d say decriminalization of drugs (that’s HUGE since so many men are rotting in jail for nonviolent “criminal offenses” related to drugs.) Then dismantling the Selective Service. Then perhaps legalization of prostitution. However no self respecting “MRM” organizations would see those as respectable causes. I don’t see myself “hanging around a campfire” with “alpha’s” like Elam and Esmay telling me I need to be less hom-0-phobic and hug other men.

      and as far as politics, when’s O’Bumski gonna close Gitmo?

  4. What I find funny about Elam and his site is the love/hate relationship he’s had with MGTOW for a long time. He wants them under his banner, wants the numbers, wants their money, so his site occasionally posts favorable views of MGTOWs only to crap on them a few weeks, months later when they don’t toe the line with his desires.
    Herding cats, Elam/fembot collective, herding cats.

  5. I still say that Elam is a firespitter who has served his purpose. He and the AVfM crowd have done some good in bringing attention to issues (if for no other reason than for feminists to co-opt them so they can pretend that only feminist have cared in the first place and then try to discredit the MRM) but their fire style cannot lead to proper lasting change.

    Just like Cecil had to give up his Dark Knight ways in order to fight the true evil (that’s a Final Fantasy 4 reference), the ways of AVfM must be replaces as well.

  6. I think you have been proved right Stoner. I used to think you was wrong about Paul.

    You get female moderators endorsing marriage, banning MGTOW calling them radicals and just like the feminists.

    I think single motherhood needs to be tackled, women are using kids as hostages to extract resources from the state

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