Men are not a monolithic group…

By now you’ve heard feminists defend themselves when someone quotes an obviously deranged and man hating member of their group with the phrase “feminism is not a monolithic group.”

AVfM condescendingly purports to be “A Voice are for Men” but ask the numerous men who’ve tried to post there and found themselves shown the door the second they showed an original thought and went the slightest bit against the groupthink if their voice was heard…

Let’s take a closer look at what they *might* be trying to do. Y’know they claim to be about “Fucking Their Shit Up.” So, even though many of their viewpoints seem like some kind of mirror image of feminism which they claim to hate they can most simply be described as an anti-feminist group. They are very good at flinging pooh at feminists. There are allot of bullies in team feminism ™ –Schwyzer, Marcotte, Futrelle and many others come to mind. And the M(h)RA’s (can’t forget that fucking H there, that’d be kyriarchical misandry of the highest octane) do do a fine job of flinging pooh back. I’ve read many an article by Elam where he hit right between the eyes or in Fuity’s case boobz. However, I learned something in the Inmalafide days. The enemy of my enemy isn’t my friend.

Tarnished asked me if I’d be in a political movement not connected to AVfM that rallied behind “more equality under the law.” I suppose that could mean allot of things, but let’s take divorce laws. Well, y’know something, I really don’t give a fuck about divorce laws. As a never married man, it’s not my battle. Do I really give a fuck if a former pussy hound, the guy who would look upon me with a sneer–The ex quarterback who became the good corporate man… Do I really care when the x-prom queen, 45 lbs heavier, assrapes him in divorce court? Well, he didn’t care when I was bullied back in the day. That shit isn’t my battle. Cry me a river if you took a gamble and lost. And that’s what marriage is, throwing it all on the craps table and hoping it doesn’t end in tears or much worse… –I can just see the guy who wandered over here after drinking the cool aid, er reading AVfM rolling his eyes and thinking I’m a blue pill mangina who needs to ease up on the shaming language…

Hey Asshole–you really want to help men? Here’s the “activism” that’ll do it. Repeal draconian drug laws. Get the non-violent offenders outta jail. There are actually waiting lists in some big cities where real bad guys, guys who have “Fucked Their Shit Up” IRL and not on a website don’t go to jail because there isn’t space. You make society safer and more just. Win-Win. Nice. But yeah, Elam et all probably don’t want to ruin their image as “tough guys” so they can be seen as “hippy stoners.” And, uh, the men you help aren’t the crybaby, upper middle class demographic that donates to “political causes.” Sure repealing unjust drug laws might help a few women in jail, but it’ll help FAR MORE men. Heck, y’know something…. This is something I very well realize. The guy whose never had more than a sip of champagne on New Years eve, never had any kind of trouble with the law. Well, goshdarnit, this just ain’t his battle…

Yeah, men aren’t a monolithic group…

Now, why the hell is a guy like Elam whose crapped on MGTOW’s several times trying to appear MGTOW friendly? My best guess is he wants unquestioning footsoldiers and donations. I could misquote a drunk feminist in an elevator and say “guys don’t do that.” Or I could say think for yourself, ask allot of questions and laugh when they waive their arms and yell obscenities at you.

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