If she walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck-she’s a traditionalist.

I don’t like JB, I don’t trust her and I think it’s an absolute conflict of interest to have her “advocating for men.”

Look, she is smart and highly educated. She claims it was because of her choices and not thinking clearly that she became a stay at home mom. I don’t care if a woman decides to stay at home, maybe it is better for the kids. And truth be told, if she needed to get back into the world of work, she could have a job that pays 40,000 or more a year in less than 10 weeks. Just stop picking fights with the femmies on twitter and start sending out those resumes grrrl. But where she calls herself stupid, I call her cunning. I’m almost surprised she didn’t grab her hair and say, “I’m a blonde, tehehe, what’ya expect?” but that might be too obvious…

She went to grad school because she was “husband hunting.” Haha, husband hunting. Slightly less crass sounding than the guy who is on the lookout for the dime piece of ass. But equally “objectifying” to use a term thrown around by femanazi’s. Did she hunt him with a big barrel elephant gun? Or is a fishing analogy more appropriate? A man with high earning potential is a “good catch.” Isn’t that what those progressive womyn with their high standards and edjumacshin that papa paid for, ain’t that what they say? I don’t know, I don’t travel in the circles of upper middle class white womyn who aren’t feminist but sure as shit could be.

Now, as I said before I don’t particularly care if a woman is a stay at home mom. And for the most past, I’d be willing to live and let live. But here’s the thing. Let’s just say a lose collection of low status of men with similar backgrounds to myself, men who may or may not label themselves MGTOW–unfortunately there is a group trying to recruit us. This group are the assholes at AVfM. At least the feminists have the common decency to merely openly hate us and mostly leave us be when they don’t have a bully liar like Futrelle painting us as the biggest scum since Jeffry Dahlmer.

Unfortunately, with loud mouth authoritarian Elam, he wants foot soldiers and donations. He is trying to pass off AVfM as friendly to low status men who are “opting out” to varying degrees. But that’s bullshit. Look at his histrionics towards Stardusk for merely not wishing to be a walking, breathing utility. Look how he let Wooly Bumblebee shit all over the carpet. Quite frankly, I think she took the cake for shitting on MGTOW’s. Fatty Futrelle probably studied her “work” to get a sharper tongue. Still, condescending Elam needs followers… He keeps trying to recruit for his movement. He’s trying to find men to throw away. Men he looks down upon with seething contempt.

Now the beauty of MGTOW is decentralization. It’s similar to the Insurgent Math Stanley McCrystal spoke of. The conditions in society that make life more miserable for low status men get more guys to see the closest to winning isn’t even playing. Just like “the war on terror” there is no way to win. The best you can do is secure as much freedom, liberty and autonomy as possible. If I drop off the face of the earth and never blog again, if I work 60 hours a week so I can visit hookers and go to bars throwing myself at women, well, 10 new guys start writing and truth be told, their writing will be sharper and more insightful. I can’t even tell you the number of times I thought I came up with an original idea, I barely articulated it on my blog and then I saw some guy on an obscure forum say the same thing with far more clarity three weeks before me…

Anyone reading carefully might be thinking that I’ve said all this before. I have but for me it bears repeating. So I risk being redundant.

Many men in my situation will be angry. That’s where the bullies like Marcotte and Roosh 5 paint us as angry bitter men with micropenises who are just angry because pu$$y doesn’t just fall outta the sky. Yeah, the anger is there–often not from the causes the bigots and bullies claim. But anyone who denies you your anger is dehumanizing you. Anger may be scary but it is a human emotion. The more dangerous emotion for the individual is loneliness. Yeah, it’s not talked of too often, but if your honest you know it’s there. A subtle pain that’s unmanly to acknowledge in any public capacity.

But this is where the problem lies. Just like the US Warmachine and every other warmachine before it, Elam needs bodies. He uses the face of women to recruit. The concern trolling of Typhon Blue, the tough grrl antics of JB and the alter-sexuality of short haired Girl Writes What. Just like a warmachine calls men who “opt out” cowards, Elam has shaming language. He shit over Stardusk, saying he was “stepping on his dick.”

Again, I’d be willing to let live if the condescending fuckaroos at AVfM were merely yelling loudly against feminists, it would be a-okay. But stop trying the recruit the guys on Tuesday that you shit on on Monday. It’s like the US Warmachine calling black men niggers one day and soldiers the next.

2 thoughts on “If she walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck-she’s a traditionalist.

  1. Without paraphrasing everything you’ve just said, you basically explained the #2 reason I’d never join the Honey Badgers (not that I think a nomination is in the mail or anything. I’m just saying.)

    Do I blog about MGTOW and men’s rights?
    Do I read and follow numerous red pill sites?
    Do I fully support MGTOW and think current marriage in Western society is potentially horrible for men?
    Do I believe in equality for men as well as women, instead of the gynocentrism we have?
    But do I also have to accept the fact I have a female body and this means I can’t experience what life as a male is?
    Unfortunately, yes.

    And at the end of the day, this means I’ll be the best ally to boys and men I can be, while not trying to paint myself as anything special or pretend I deserve a cookie for doing so. Which is unfortunately how I see many women who claim to support the MRM…a good example is Wooly Bumblebee. She was all “pro-men” until too much attention was given to MGTOWs. Then the niceties were dropped and the gloves came off, because we certainly can’t have men doing things for themselves. The horror…

    So yeah, women (whether cis or not) can be a voice for men’s rights both on and offline, but they should take care to not drown out their brothers-in-arms who actually live with cultural misandry.

    “But anyone who denies you your anger is dehumanizing you. Anger may be scary but it is a human emotion. The more dangerous emotion for the individual is loneliness. Yeah, it’s not talked of too often, but if your honest you know it’s there. A subtle pain that’s unmanly to acknowledge in any public capacity.”
    Also, +1 for this. The validity of men’s emotional states isn’t spoken about nearly enough.

  2. I’ve grown tired of the AVfM blog. I still visit it, and comment on it, but not as often as before. Maybe if they didn’t post 3-4 times a day, I’d be able to keep up. But I’m spreading my time among other quality blogs these days.

    I do use AVfm as fodder for my own blog, but it has become less useful over time. As a proponent of MGTOW, I sometimes think Paul spends too much time trying to engage the enemy and win them over. It isn’t going to happen. Even the #WomenAgainstFeminism are too little, too late. I wrote about how men and women are riding different waves a while ago: http://sanelity.com/2014/08/men-and-women-are-riding-different-waves/

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