So, you wanna be a feMRA, here’s a few rules to follow!!!

1.) Understand that men are leading the forfront. Womyn have had 170+ years as Queens of the gender debate and it is time they let men talk and stop with the condescending “mansplaining” tag.

2.) When it comes to Selective Service, the Draft and testicular cancer, you are not male bodied so shut up. Hunny buns, when you are legally mandated to sign up at 18 to be the cannon fodder of the US Warmachine, then we can talk.

3.) Womyn don’t get to decide if they are “allies” to the men’s movement. Darth Elam does, err, men do. If some MGTOWS or video gamers don’t trust you, well maybe you should find somewhere else to hang instead of tearfully demanding they stop being virgin misogynists with micropenises and let you in their inner-circle.

4.) Take responsibility in asking out men and splitting the tab for dinner and drinks rather than expecting men to do all the work.

5.) Use your female privilege to fight the gynocentrist, misandrist culture we live in. When Sharon Osborn laughs about a man being mutilated because he asked his sociopathic wife for a divorce yell at the top of your lungs, “DV is never okay and you don’t get to cut your husband up because he dumped you!!!”

6.) Don’t use the label of feMRA to get low status men to like you. If you just want some cock, lose 30 lbs (or don’t there are lotsa chubby chasers out there) throw on some make-up and go to a dive bar. Buy your target, er, non objectified consenting penis owning partner a drink and politely ask, “wanna fuck?”

7.) When high paying offers to discuss the plight of low status men come up, don’t hog the microphone and turn it into a “what about teh menz” sarcasm fest.

8.) Educate yourself about the history of low status men, how they have been slaves, soldiers and sailors. Look how they have been written out of the history books and how a prominent future feminist President erases their existence when she says “Womyn are the primary victims of war.”

9.) Ensure your masculinism is intersectional. When Lord Elam and Darth Esmay run their mouths and sound like a parody of the upper middle class white womyn they claim to hate, maybe you should step up and say, “Well, if you really want to help men, maybe end draconian drug laws that make non-violent offenders into hardcore criminals.” Before diving into the MRM, remeber that loudmouths like Esmay and Elam ARE NOT the VOICE for ALL Men!.

10.) Realize that that sometimes low status men need to discuss male issues without womyn around–And that’s okay. They also need to do it without creepers like Jack Don-0-van and Hugo Schwyzer trying to stick things up their butts.

11.) When men criticize your movement in the MRM, don’t talk over them or talk down to them. Actively listen and be accountable.

Thanks to Derrick Clifton for writing a terrible article for me to rip apart and change genders. Admit it, you were rolling your eyes and thinking that I’m a “misogynist.”

2 thoughts on “So, you wanna be a feMRA, here’s a few rules to follow!!!

  1. i love when male feminists tell other men how to be male feminists because they just end up violating their first few “rules” which are always to shut up & don’t call yourself a male feminist. idiots, all of them.

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