Traditionalist Women Have NO Part in Any Self Respecting Men’s Movement

Watch this video, then watch it again….

When a card carrying feminist has a position that is more favorable to low status men, you know things are really bad. This feminist realizes that having women sign up for Selective Service would essentially end Selective Service. (The draft was ending as this was during the later parts of the Vietnam War.) The traditionalist won’t hear it. Keep low status men as cannon fodder for the US Warmachine. So what if many of them will be crippled for life. Gotta love ‘muricka where a veteran becomes homeless and a draft dodger President.

So, I’ve come to realize that the real enemy of male autonomy isn’t feminism but traditionalism. Sure there are plenty awful feminists and many of them do espouse male hostile traditionalist values. There is an old joke, “there aren’t any feminists on a sinking ship.” How many of those feminists cling to female privilege when push comes to shove? If the Nice Guy ™ memes are any indication, it looks like 99.9999% to me.

We’ve already seen the joke of having a site advocate “pro-feminist” values to men while claiming to be “male friendly.” That cesspool was TGMP where white nationalists like Jack Don-0-van get to shit all over weak men, but don’t you dare critique him, because like hom-0-phobia, donchya know… We’ve seen the Marcotte’s, Schwyzer’s and Futrelle shit all over low status men with the check your privilege bullshit. But you dare not bring up statistics like men make up the majority of deaths in the workplace. Check your privilege, you filthy, misogynist, penis owning motherfucker. How dare you upset queen bee Marcotte with your facts and figures. You don’t have a degree in Womyn’s Studies or was it Art History, like a real man who get’s pu$$y like alpha studmuffin Schwyzer. Off to permanent moderation for you, you annoying rabbel rouser you. You might be a heterosexual male, but your not fully white and earning $85,000 a year–that means your not really a MAN. Be quiet and don’t pollute our fine site, you bad man-boy.

Now onto that sewer AVfM. How the fuck is having a Trad Con like Judgy Bitch pro-male. I get it, she’s good at picking fights with feminists and when they slug back, everyone feels bad, because, don’t like evar hit a grrrl, even when she throws the first punch. But look at what she’s really saying. She’s not advocating for better treatment of low status men. Let’s play armchair psychologist. She wants grandkids. She doesn’t even really care about her sons. She just wants women to stop being cheap sluts so that her sons can find good womyn to marry and give her grandkiddies. Does she even care if one of her sons’ is torn to pieces in the US Injustice system and kills himself after the divorce? She might shed a crocodile tear or three but she still gets to see the grankiddies the day after X Mas. Just like most womyn, her sons are means to an end not human beings.

And that alpha male motherfucker, Elam. It happens all under his watch. He’s no friend of mine. Keep convincing yourself that you’re a male ally when you tell bully boy Futrelle to kill himself. Hell, I don’t like Futrelle one bit, but Futrelle, please keep talking, please keep telling lies, please keep Manboobz/Mammoth going. Y’know why? For every misrepresentation you and your syncophants spread, MGTOW grows stronger. It the insurgent mathematics Stanley McChrystal spoke of. You keep telling low status men they are privileged, they need to shut up and listen. You keep telling lies like feminism helps men when they’ve seen fathers assraped in divorce court. When they’ve seen veterans kill themselves. Keep up with the misinformation. These men aren’t stupid, they might only have an 88 IQ on paper but they connect the dots. They see the bad deal. And, slowly but surely, they “opt out.” They don’t become debt slaves in the prisons of higher education. Just like insurgents, we are decentralized. Keep shitting on us, you are making us stronger. What is weakness to others is strength for us. I could never write a blog again. But a new guy see’s what happening, takes one of my ideas, takes one of Stardusk’s, takes one of Barbarossaaaa’s. And comes up with something even better. Rinse and repeat. Cells of angry men with bleak futures telling other angry men how to avoid the worst of their misery….

So Elam, I don’t need to send you an “ironic death threat” over twitter. I hope your pathetic, worthless site fails. And I wish you much worse. I hope you know what it’s like to walk in my shoes. Limited financial prospects, a bleak future. No Baby Boomer 401k-work until the day you die and don’t own property motherfucker. The reality of homlessness, not something you read on a Social Justice Warrior website. My life would break your back. Fuck You Asshole–whose the real Mangina now?

6 thoughts on “Traditionalist Women Have NO Part in Any Self Respecting Men’s Movement

  1. While I’m a bit older than you (Gen Xer here) God Damn man I am speechless and can not agree strongly enough. To borrow a line from a band you might like (Anthrax) – Rebel Rebel don’t forget, fuck ’em up every chance you get.As for MGTOW I can’t buy all the Ayn Rand / John Galt stuff but I’m all for men going sub rosa, it’s how I basically have had to live for years. I was an Omega Ghost before I heard the names, though yeah I got forced to do a bunch of things I didn’t want in the name of “family” for want of a better term; things that basically fucked me pretty bad . What a shitty deal life is for low status males… and people wonder why I don’t want to marry or breed.

  2. I have often wondered how traditionalists of either sex can say they support men with a straight face. Even if they live in a community where both men and women are respectful of each other and every person is happy with their place, there’s still the Law…and the majority of laws (at least in the US) are misandric when related to family/divorce/service matters. Heck, even when they aren’t written as being sexist (or racist), the judges carrying out the law have their own biases. And there are enough Conservatives in power who still believe blacks are troublesome and women are weak/pure to create the incredibly faulty system we have right now.

    That’s why MGTOW really is the best policy for men to follow. If you are with a woman who would freak out about you being a MGTOW, you have chosen poorly imo.

    I’m trying to get my FwB to take a little more of the red pill…he can already see a lot of the misandry in the way the sexes interact, and he has had enough female friends/coworkers stab him in the back to uphold their female solidarity, but he hasn’t fully connected the dots yet. I’m tempted to let him read my “Unintentional Spy” post, but am afraid of hurting him. What do you think, Stoner?

    1. If you want to “ease” him into convo’s, I’d say get him a copy of Warren Farrell’s The Myth of Male Power. While this book is FAR from perfect, I guess he’ll be able to relate to a few things. Unfortunately Farrell decided to give up his brain and autonomy and sign on with the AVfM losers.

      And yeah, male convo’s are “my dick is sooooo big.” “I get sooooooo much Pussssssy.” “I’m sooooo much more a man than you even though I’m afraid to fight you.” Really, I liked the company of my dog far better than any other guy. Unless they have a cool hobby like playing guitar or shooting guns, most guys are totally vacant.

      1. Thanks for the tip, but I’m pretty against a lot of Farrell’s writing. I’ve read it, and a decent amount of it is crap imo. I’ve had much better success talking to my lover about MGTOW type stuff…the concept of men not needing to “protect/provide” is especially appealing to him since it mirrors our own arrangement in various ways.

        The guys you know sound like the jocks I grew up with. My friends (again, all male) talk more about philosophy, history, videogames, D&D/whatever RPG we’re playing, theology, the current news, family stuff, etc. It’s the women I know and have known who tend to be lackluster in the topics department.

      2. Farrell’s weird…

        Strangely I think it’s more generational, I gave my mean mom a copy of the book and she seemed to like it. I guess she’s best described as a 2nd wave feminist. Also Daisy Deadhead seemed to think he was “reasonable.” (also a 2nd wave feminist.) 3rd wavers like David Futrelle hate him with a passion. Farrell, so far as I know, coined “male disposability”–however, maybe he ripped off Metallica. They had a song “disposable heroes” and that’s from 1984.

        haha, make him watch some Stardusk or Barbarossssa stuff…

      3. I *do* love me some Barbarossssaa…
        He’s a cool guy. Lots of good points, and we had a nice conversation in one of his video comments a few years ago.

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