MGTOW is a workaround

I suppose many have heard the term workaround before…

If you haven’t, from the great wiki:

“A workaround is a bypass of a recognized problem in a system. A workaround is typically a temporary fix that implies that a genuine solution to the problem is needed. But workarounds are frequently as creative as true solutions, involving outside the box thinking in their creation.”

Long story short, we live in a society with a broken social contract. Traditionalists seem to think telling women not to be sluts and telling men to man up and marry them will return us to some magical era that probably never existed. M(H)RA’s seem to think reforming the legal system will make things better. Traditionalists magically ignore the fact that many men do not have the earning power to support a family. They also magically ignore the fact that many modern women don’t necessarily want the role of housewife. Also traditionalists intentionally ignore the male disposability that is inherent in their system. They don’t want self aware men questioning the dangers that await in this flawed system. M(H)RA’s seem to think that revising laws and increasing the governments involvment in people’s personal business will level the playing field. Even if they can change the laws, this will take many, many years. I’ll be an old man before marriage is “safe.” And it’s not just the laws that need changing but societies attitudes and judges biases.

Many have accused MGTOW’s of being cowards. Well, when your house is burning do you run in with a pail of water to preserve your “mancard” or do you run to safety and call the fire department? Traditionalists can pedal out the shaming language, except for those in enclaves-such as the highly religious or highly wealthy, the risk of divorce would be foolhardy not to factor into one’s choices. M(H)RA’s can waive their arms around and proclaim they are “doing something” but aside from annoy a few feminists on twitter, show me one fucking good thing they’ve done for low status men. Simply put this is not a perfect solution for a perfect world.

For me, MGTOW isn’t about hapiness, it’s about survival…

2 thoughts on “MGTOW is a workaround

  1. yup, there is no way i’m getting married with the way the laws are currently set up. we can maybe change the laws for future men, but right now, you would have to be insane to get married.

  2. I agree. In essence, MGTOW is nothing more than men recognizing they need not forfeit their one needs and desires just to be the draft horses of society. Live simply, work a low stress job, and enjoy your life.

    As I tell my kids – neither ride in the cart, nor pull it, but rather walk separate from it. Earn enough to live comfortably without having to pay more than your share of taxes.

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