…what’s your poison????

So, uh, this is just a guess, based on reading various people’s blogs at the kind of porno they look at when no one but Big Bro NSA and creeper O’Bombya are watching….

Chuck Rudd, Clarence in Baltimore and all the HBD Race Realists

internet tough guy Matt Forney.


feMra/Honey Badger Typhon Blue


Alpha males Paul Elam and Hugo Schwyzer


masculine man, Roosh 5


The man who hunted the mammoth (and ate it to)–David Futrelle

So-nawt-a-trad-con Judgy Bitch

and, uh, you just know all us whiny, slimy misogynist MGTOW’s would stop being MGTOW’s if we could get with an empowered, feminist womyn like this…

now here’s a great song that hits a little too close to home, if ya know what I mean…

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