The Mangina meme is way off….

M(h)RA’s are a bunch of idiots and low grade bully’s…

It is often (wrongly) thought that the term “mangina” is denigrating of one’s masculinity.

While calling a man a pussy is calling a man weak…

M(h)RA’s aren’t calling men they label as mangina’s weak, they are calling them “white knight’s.” Creepy male feminist’s are white knighting to get access to women. (And one has got to wonder if those goddamned feMRA’s are doing it for the dick, or the far more likely explanation–for the attention.)

Male feminist’s are often macho even though they shit all over other men. Yeah, machismo is all about shitting all over other men, why do you think those PUA motherfuckers are obsessed with calling other men beta’s and sexless omega virgins? If Roosh 5 was really as much of a pussyhound as he claims, he’d spend far less time shitting on Indian men and far more time banging high class Ukranian hookers.

Male feminists macho??? Yup, seems contradictory but it ain’t. Warmchine, that MMA ‘roid head who beat up “his” woman–not so different than creepy male feminist Hugo Schwyzer who almost killed an ex in a drug fueled rage. Huggs might seem, well, a bit effeminate but the telltale machismo is still there. He berates low status men by lecturing them for daring to “opt out” when they know the system is stacked against them. That machismo is just a bullying streak wrapped up as “social justice” in a pathetic attempt to shit on low status men and try to impress women.

I’d be willing to give MRA’s a pass on this if they really were different, but they aren’t. Elam is a schoolyard bully who waives his arms around, shuts down other men and pretends to be an authority when he doesn’t know shit….

The whole MANGINA schtick is just a sad attempt to regulate other men, irony of irony, it’s the same shit the male feminists they claim to hate do with their talks about “toxic masculinity.” Well, my idea of “toxic masculinty” is turning yourself into a protector-provider to support some trad-con broad like Judgy Bitch. I don’t want the entanglements of a wife or girlfriend. I wouldn’t mind a FWB, unfortunately, I don’t have the looks or social skills to get one. Haha, I almost used Advocatus Diaboli’s advice to hire a high class prostitute when I had cash, but my ADHD got the better of me and I bought a high gain guitar amp on ebay. Probably a better way to spend my cash but I suppose that makes me a misogynist.

20 thoughts on “The Mangina meme is way off….

  1. Nothing is inherently “toxic” about either masculinity or femininity…it’s the people who have these traits that suck.

    If you are looking for a FwB, you don’t really need any more social skills than it takes to make regular friends. At least, that’s my experience. My FwB and I were friends for about 15 months before we kinda just fell into a “with benefits” arrangement. Of course, he basically had to teach me from the ground up that sex was not painful, but hey…8 years later we still roleplay at the table AND in the bedroom, so something must’ve gone right.

      1. Pretty much.

        Honestly though, that’s the point of a FwB relationship…A strong friendship with someone you care about, who not only shares your hobby interests, but your sexual ones as well. If you have trouble making friends, then you’ll have trouble making a FwB, too. But if you don’t, the only thing that is different is the addition of sex.

        If I remember correctly, you’re a virgin so the sexual aspect of it might hold more weight with you than it would with someone who has had sexual partners before (I know it did with me). But I’m really glad that I shared my virginity with a trusted friend instead of just anyone. I am not a romantic in any sense, but still think that your first time should be something worth remembering…whatever that means for you. If that involves a high-class prostitute for one person or waiting til marriage for another, both are valid desires.

      2. I’ve actually never disclosed my “status” publicly on this blog. I’ve mentioned a few fooling around/coulda had her stories. I do have stories, I just never told them-A.) because I’m not a PUA. B.)No one would’ve believed me C.) people would say I was a sleazy fuck.

        I’ve never had a “serious relationship” which probably saved me lotts of grief and time to pursue other things. When I was younger, I was often “virgin shamed”–now that I’m older, when people ask my “status” and I say “I don’t get into serious relationships” I get put in the “player” box. I’ve only told two guys IRL about MGTOW.

        One of the reasons I believe in legalized prostitution is that it “levels the playing field.” A man can decide to take himself to an amusement park like Disney land, or part with a similar amount of cash and get with a woman a PUAtard like Roosh would call a 9. Rooshtard has even admitted his “game” doesn’t land him very attractive women. Rooshtard can try to shame the man who paid the prostitute for sex all while harassing low status men on the internet. Still Rooshtard is furiously masturbating to pictures on the interwebs of hot women he can’t get with in real life, all while the “omega” is sitting back relishing his memories…

      3. Crap, I’m sorry. If you want to edit this comment or my last one I’ll understand. Didn’t mean to say you’re a virgin if you’re not. For the record, I don’t think talking about ones experiences makes one “a sleazy fuck”. If you don’t mention anyone’s personal information, it shouldn’t matter if you say you had a foursome with the Cowboys cheerleaders or you got a free lapdance from hot stripper twins. Your sexual experiences are your own and the person you shared them with…who gives a crap if a random reader “believes” you?

        People think you’re a “playa” when you say you’re not into relationships? Weird…Then again, I say the same thing when I get asked out/questioned about my status, so maybe it’s just that I know what you mean. I hate it when I tell someone “Thanks for asking, but I’m actually really happy being single right now” and they act like it’s frickin impossible. As though personal happiness is necessarily reliant on you dating/being married.
        Yeah, ok.

        As I think I’ve told you before, I was a virgin til I was 22. Prior to that, I was virgin shamed as well…probably about 60% by women, 40% by men. It was hurtful, so I took to making up stories/saying I had 3+ partners. Funny thing, even now with having a monogamous partner for 8 years, I still get made fun of for being “prudish”. Apparently you can have wild-crazy-hanging-from-a-chandelier sex, but it “doesn’t count” if you’ve only done it with 1 guy? Whatever…Random sex will never be my thing, and I don’t care if someone else has a problem with that.

        I haven’t mentioned MGTOW specifically IRL, but I do try to drop some red pills to my regular customers in casual conversation. A few have been receptive to it, but I live in a fairly conservative/traditionalist area…I have to be careful with how much I say. As I was telling Spawny and Cill (commenters you probably know of), I don’t know what I’d do without the online community.
        Probably still think I’m imagining things…

        I believe in legalization of sex work because it would;
        1. Level the playing field for men of all types
        2. Have standardized health requirements
        3. Reduce human trafficking
        4. Get prostitutes/johns out of prison
        5. Mean the US wasn’t afraid of sex anymore
        6. Undemonize natural sexuality and lust
        7. Remove the offer of sex from a typical woman’s bag of manipulative tools, thereby creating more equality between the sexes

      4. this isn’t AVfM–you don’t get thrown into moderation for merely disagreeing. If you thought one thing about what I wrote then obviously others thought similar. I always wanted my words to be judged for hat I was saying, not who I was. It wouldn’t matter if I had 500+ partners or was a “basement dwelling permavirgin” to quote alpha “male” Fatt Morney. There was a sight called mating selfishness and Alek Novy made that point that very experienced guys and very inexperienced guys were seeing the same thing.

      5. Oh, I wasn’t afraid of getting moderated. I was afraid I’d either “outed” you or hurt your feelings (because guys are allowed to have those too).

        I wish I knew why women don’t ask guys out. I asked out Unfortunate Virgin, and we had a good time on our date even though he declined my offer…which I was both relieved and disappointed by. Weird combination of emotions there, heh. But yeah, beating around the bush with stupid semi-flirtatious body language isn’t impressive. It just looks dumb, like the chick in question can’t make up her mind so she resorts to indicators that may or may not mean anything.

        My FwB and I didn’t go through that at all, but I’m still trying to get him to initiate sex more. He’s stuck in his original crappy programming of “Female-bodied people don’t want sex as much as you. Don’t initiate unless you do X, Y, Z, and Q first”. It’s frustrating, because I don’t need/want X, Y, Z or Q…I just want him lying on my bed sans clothing. It is all so ridiculous.

      6. No, I’d probably just say you’re a MGTOW.

        Those guys are morons. You know that. Why pay any attention to the shite that comes from their mouths?

        Halfbreed doesn’t even make sense…humans are all one “breed” which is why we can reproduce and have equally fertile children, unlike mules or ligers. Besides, children whose parents had very different immune systems and ethnic histories are healthier than those who don’t. There’s a reason small intermarriage communities need “fresh blood” once in a while.

  2. Epic rant!

    I am thinking about buying an electric bass to take out all my previously unchanneled sexual frustration on the fret board and wondered if you could point me in the right direction. Should I go “traditional” and get the Fender 4-string Roger Waters Precision, or get a 5-string like what Rick Savage from Def Leppard uses?

    I am so lost on this. Thanks, dude!

  3. Dear stonerwithaboner,
    I hope you DO believe in free speech. I can’t get on the Black Pills web site
    because he moderates everything I say.
    RE: Bill Crosby. He IS a rapist, and a cheat. He admits to fathering a child from an
    adulterous relationship. Her name is Authem Jackson he paies child support for her.
    The allegations against Cosby are decades old, but for obvious reasons, wealth
    popularity, and power, he has been able to fend the allegations off. I should add
    he did settle out of court with another woman.
    I hate to see Tarnished associated with such a hateful, biased, woman hater like
    the Black Pill. I fear he is trying to turn Tarnished against me. I’m almost afaraid
    to post on Tarnished’s blog because I fear that she won’t allow my posts.
    She said she DOES believe in freedom of speech. Too bad the Black Pill doesn’t.

    1. Male feminist dudebro alpha of the highest order…

      I do support free speech but I ain’t gonna fight the battles of a “man” who thinks I’m a subhuman POS.

      I have NO idea whether Cosby is a good guy or not. Just like I wrote very little about Martin/Zimmermann-it was two men getting in a fight and the rest of the world trying to guess what happened and use it for their political agendas. Yes, I said “political agenda’s.”

      I don’t really know or care what your fight is with Mr. Blackpill. So consider me Switzerland with darker skin, far less wealth and not much tolerance for Bullshit.

      And don’t put me in the middle of your fight for another reason-one I doubt you are even human enough to have any empathy for. My creepy parents put me in the middle during their divorce. I’ll never be used as a pawn again and this is essentially why I support MGTOW/”opting out” ideologies to the fullest.

    2. Lon,
      You are absolutely still allowed to comment on my blog. I only asked you to not say racist things…I don’t allow it. If you believe white women are more physically attractive than women of other ethnic groups, that’s your opinion and it’s fine. However, saying that white women are “the best” or inherently superior to all other groups is not. My skin color doesn’t make me a better person than someone who is darker. Honestly, with how milk-white my skin is, this is a good thing…there’d be a lot of inferior-moraled people out in the world. The only groups who think my blonde hair and blue eyes are automaticindicators of a strong moral compass are the same people I wouldn’t associate with if they were the last ones on Earth.

      I apologize for this leaking over to your blog.

  4. Dear Stonerwithaboner,
    I DO praise you. You’ve got the courage to allow contrainian opinions.
    I don’t care if I’m ridiculed. When I made a belated attempt to return to college,
    a girl ridiculed me and laughted me to scorn. One day she sat down next to me
    in class (I didn’t look directly at her) Everybody laughed because they knew what was
    was coming. She must have made faces. She made gestures. People made gestures back
    in our direction. She was so doubled up with laughter that she had to excuse herself
    from the classroom. This, in front of the teacher and all the other students. I was
    completely composed and didn’t show a trace of emotion, (Though the song “Hit Me
    With You’re Best Shot,” by Pat Benatar played in my head.)
    It was to my benifit NOT to show any reaction. I could do that because I was honing up
    on Esoteric studies which said, “Hostility, is the other person’s problem, not yours.”
    Unfortunately, though, this and simular reactions I recieved were not condusive to
    learning. So I cut many classes, and carried on like the social outcast I was, (And still
    I’m 56 now. I have to laugh when I read blogs like the Unfortunate Male Virgin.
    Tarnished says he’s far from ugly. So what is his problem? Girl’s allow him near
    their body space. No girl ever allowed me to be close for even the most rudimentray
    I’m no longer bitter. People have a much greater control over their REACTIONS
    to things then they give themselves credit for. And every negative thought IS a
    reaction. You should read a book called “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.”

  5. Hell of it is Lon Spector those same “beautiful white women” are the same ones who demand you kiss their collective ass while they have nothing but contempt for you. I know it’s rough man but trust me if you are a low status White other White folks despise you, probably even your own relatives. You owe them zip. I remember something Stoner wrote that hit me like a diamond bullet, it went something like you don’t owe either your parents or your race progeny or anything like that.Sorry if I ramble but Lon the joke’s on you man.

  6. Oh and I like Cliff Burton too…I thought it was cool when you posted the Thin Lizzy vid, I thought only old men like me listened to that stuff. Phil Lynott is also a fav of mine, along with Lemmy and Geddy of course.Jack Bruce, John Entwhistle and Geezer Butler get cred for giving the bass a whole new sound.

    1. I’m familiar with all those guys…

      The route on how I got to their music and how you got to it might be different…

      I got int the Who Song “Real Me” when I heard the WASP cover…

      People have often pointed out that the early Dream Theater had a huge influence from Rush and Metallica, in fact I’ve hear people describe Petrucci’s tone as a combination of Hetfield and Lifeson…

      As far as Rush, I really like the first album, I guess before they were “prog”…

      Of course I heard of Motorhead, but mostly through Metallica covering them and I thought that Fast Eddie and his wah sounded allot like Kirk Hammett on Kill ‘Em All-of course it was Kirk sounding like Fast Eddie

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