2 thoughts on “Thrash Thursday!!!

  1. No, stonerwithabonner! You don’t want to take the Adam Lanza, Ennagram 5
    bitterness route! Thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ that I didn’t take such a route.
    The songs you should listen to are: “I Like Dreaming” by Kenny Nolan, and
    “Just Say You Love Me,” by Chiago.
    Women don’t appreciate being turned into objects. We have to set aside bitterness
    because bitterness is slow posion. Also listen to Burt Bacarack songs.
    Just be a “nice guy,” attend to basic hygeine issues, and you WILL attract a “nice girl.”
    So what if she doesn’t give you sex on the first date? To get quality, you must BE
    quality, because you only attract your own level.

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