????Defining MGTOW????

Well, by know, you’ve seen bullies Like Elam trying to take the term MGTOW and use it for his own purposes. That is have low status men to use as canon fodder and donation machines, all while he has his harem, errr, honey badgers shit on these same men…

MGTOW+ What the fuck is that, seems like a creepy term the AVfM losers throw around to make MGTOW’s look like rad fems or Atheism+…

It’s more spin and lies from the AVfM thought control machine…

Goddamnit, if I spent more time around that cesspool, I’d probably think I was reading 1984…

So now you have prominent youtubers such as Stardusk and Barbarossssa discussing MGTOW at a much higher level than an autocrat bully like Elam could understand and it has moved far away from the early definition of MGTOW

At this point, I would state that I am an autonomous entity and my interest is in not being controlled rather than controlling and influencing people. I don’t know where the general consensus for what defines a MGTOW will be in a year or two and frankly I don’t care…

My personal situation is probably closer to the Japanese “Grasseater” who would prefer to walk away from the corporate workaday world. I don’t have any sense of “brotherhood” to all those manureshphere, race realist tough guys who shout the same bullshit as the femanzi’s–“You have a micropenis and are just bitter you can’t get laid.” Sure as shit looks to me like Matt Forney and David Futrelle have the same 10 soda a day “diet.”

I don’t care if a married guy tries to whine and cry that he should be admitted to the club. I know I don’t want any association (hehe ASSociation) with a disgusting homosexual White Nationalist like Jack Donovan. I dislike the talk of “all male spaces” as they never talk about keeping creepers like him out. I also don’t want some condescending baby boomer like Elam trying to talk down to me and tell me I need to man up and listen to some trashy trad-con like Judgy Bitch. Also look at that shit like TGMP, you had motherfucking Hugo Schwyzer shit all over low status men for opting out. What’s next, Warmachine saying, “yah, hitting a grrrl is kinda bad, but I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be cause I tapped a dimepiece like Christy Mack before I fucked up her face. BTW, I’m the real vyctym here, I had my purtend suicide attempt in prison. You can man up and send your donation to the same PO you send to Elam, just remember to mark, MANNING UP TO BE ALPHA on the envelope.” Yeah, right, I ain’t signing up. Haven’t you noticed, any time some fucker is telling you about “masculinity” they are trying to control you for their own bullshit ends?

8 thoughts on “????Defining MGTOW????

  1. Shyte dude, you’re so fucking cynical, though I cannot fault what you have espoused. However I don’t take what appears to the wholesale denigration of the femininity from Stardusk and Barbarossssa, it is akin to the inverse denigration of masculinity from feminists at times. No individual is perfect, Let alone a whole gender (whole sex). Anyway, I’m fucking cynical too, so I can’t blame you.

    MGTOW for the win.


  2. Oh news flash -rumor has it this is the latest “Female MRA” to join AVFM -https://www.facebook.com/JudgeJudy … and to think we doubted Lord Elam would be our saviour…tsk…tsk …

  3. I realized that AVFM will have another MGTOW “crisis” sooner or later. Why can’t a married man be GHOW? One of the reasons is the law. If a man is married, he is no longer in control of his own life because of the legal power his wife has over him.

    Consider the question of whether a MGHOW can date women and still be considered MGTOW. Before the argument was somewhat academic. Recent, legal developments like California’s Yes Means Yes law and problems like we have seen at UVa mean that the answer is now (or soon will be) a definitive no. In other words the same reason a true MGHOW can’t get married now means that a MGHOW can’t date women either. Eventually, AVFM’s screwing around with MGTOW will cause them to have to deal with this question. AVFM will incorrectly support the idea that MGTOW can date women and still be MGTOW.

    1. ” If a man is married, he is no longer in control of his own life because of the legal power his wife has over him.”

      Barbarosssaaa has an excellent video about this. He likens this to signing up for military service and states that if a man signs on the dotted line, essentially he is now property of the US Warmachine. The government can send him wherever the fuck hey want to get shot at, kill or be killed. He is no longer his own man, and if he goes AWOL thinking this isn’t what he signed up for, he is also now a criminal.

  4. Read a biography of Malcom X. The way the nation of Islam turned on him reminds me a little bit how Paul Elam is turning on MGTOW.

    A voice for men has become like a cult. Female mods are banning people for no reason.

    Banning someone for being a misogynist is what feminists do, that shouldn’t be happening on a MRA site.

    A voice for men needs a replacement.

  5. Are you kidding me? AVfM needs to die quickly and silently. That’s harsh, but deserved when you take into account how much like the enemy it has been.

  6. The problem is Decko is a Voice for Men is still doing a job that needs doing. There are some good articles on there. (Recently quality has dropped very badly.)

    If Paul Elam stuck to being rude to feminists and winding them up to get publicity to get attention that would be a good thing. It is a shame Paul has a massive ego.

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