If you want to help boys and men–Don’t donate to A Voice for Men.

Well, after swearing off the manuresphere, Elam and his harem of honey badgers are are trying to make up. So what part of the man-0-sphere does Elam want? The Race Realists? The Dark Enlightenment? The Rooshtards and Fartistes?

Elam has tried unsuccessfully to recruit men who want to be left alone into his bullshit movement. This shit is so obvious, even feminists see it for what it is.

One might liken Elam’s desire to reunite with the man-0-sphere he said adios to as a womyn who berates Nice Guys as being the most evillle beings in existence all while pining for the ex that used to beat the hell outta her. That would be the easy answer, the one that paints Elam as someone who deserves our pity. That would likely be the one he wants you to see.

But I think the reality is a bit more ruthless. It’s more like the US Warmachine who decides that a few more violent offenders in their ranks isn’t too bad a thing. Even in a weak economy, more and more men are waking up to the fact that killing and being killed for the oil companies and Israel is a bullshit deal. More and more men would rather “opt out” than play soldierboy-they see that there is no honor serving a corrupt government. And more men are seeing that A Voice for Men doesn’t actually care about low status men and boys.

Even if you think I’m an asshole–follow logic. Don’t bother with what a feminist says about AVfM-go there yourself and see the overbearing mods ban anyone who “hasn’t drank the kool-aid.” See Elam rant on and on. See how you can’t question a traditionalist woman. See how the only voice that is supposed to be the Voice for Men is Elam’s. The reality isn’t what I’m saying, the reality is what you can easily observe

Alright, so I’ve talked allot about problems and I haven’t mentioned solutions….

Well, let’s say your fortunate enough to have some extra cash burning a hole through your pocket….

Here’s three things far better than giving to the shyster Elam….

Buy a homeless man dinner.

Donate to a no-kill animal shelter.

Donate to the Innocence Project–you might help a guy who didn’t rape anyone get outta jail.

8 thoughts on “If you want to help boys and men–Don’t donate to A Voice for Men.

  1. I am sick and tired of the constant bickering among men’s activists, and I have been at it for several decades. However, today I was reading AVFM. They have a female moderator who not long ago banned a couple men for not showing respect for staff and fellow posters. Today, Paul called one of his posters a girlybitch and motherfucker. I copied the page to HD in case they try to delete it and claim it never happened.

    I have seen groups come and go over the last 30+ years. That sort of conduct precludes a long life span for AVFM.

      1. okay, here’s the quoute:

        “I have an idea, Jeremy. Why don’t you just spill it out. Man up and tell us what your real man looks like. Tell us what you want to get back that we used to have and don’t.

        Quit being a little girlybitch, whining about what we don’t write for you and put it out there.

        Write motherfucker.”

        As usual, Elam and his attack crew shooting frst and aking questions later…


  2. I believe strongly in AVFM and have already donated several million. I plan to donate my entire estate which is substantial.

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