…my guess as to where the M(h)RM is headed….

Well, it is obvious that many men have withdrawn all support against AVfM and are even working actively against them–and these are not male feminists one bit. Proof can be seen with all the 1 star rating with Elam’s MigToe ™ “book.”

A few years back, the MRA-before they used the h were seen as “right wing leaning.”

Recently, they have headed in a more “left wing” direction…

While surely a few men were put off by Bernard Chapin’s “right wing views”–Elam has probably lost even more followers from Esmay’s “left wing views.” Now he has another “right winger” doing video’s for him-that’s Captain Capitalism. My guess is he is going to try to offer the fig leaf back to Bernie Chapin and will likely be ignored if not ridiculed.

My guess is they will also try to be more inclusive. This would possibly mean featuring articles by a gay white nationalist like Jack Donovan. If they were to make such a move, the politicians at AVfM would say, “okay maybe he said one or two bad things but his analysis on masculinity is excellent.” This inclusiveness would also likely add more traditionalist women to the roster. This inclusiveness would not be the inclusiveness the so-called left leaning encourage. AVfM would still be a place for upper middle class middle aged white men to cry about how “oppressed” they are. From my viewpoint it’s more about class than race. When is the last time you’ve seen Elam talk about the unfair treatment many men, not just minorities receive from the police. It is occasionally mentioned, but not often.

My guess is they will continue to berate MGTOW’s who don’t kotow as MGTOW +. While MGTOW’s have always had the “sexless loser” term thrown at them, they will also likely be accused of being anarchists. All while the AVfM crowd tries to self-label as libertarian all while begging for donations…

I find it ironic that as AVfM asks for donations, they hurl insults at the SPLC and their golden faucets. AVfM doesn’t have the transparency of a non-profit. This doesn’t guarantee that they are miss using the money, however, I personally would not donate. Likely we will not know where the money is going. But it is possible that as someone like JtO is expelled from AVfM, they will offer some of the inside scoop. We haven’t seen any real world results in regards to their “activism.” They have not freed wrongly imprisoned men like the Innocence Project has. Even on the rare chance that someone stumbles onto a well written article at AVfM, it is likely a piece that was originally published somewhere else by a writer sustaining themselves by their own efforts.

It’s kind of fascinating as an outsider to watch what I believe are structural cracks beyond repair…

It’s also fascination to watch M(h)RA’s rally against so-called Social Justice Warriors when they use the same strategies. That is colonize spaces they didn’t create and then demand those spaces adapt to their rules and world views. That also includes heavy handed moderation in their comments section and berating those who disagree with insults. That also includes authoritarian behaviors from the leadership.

This isn’t any organization I would rally behind. In my view, they are doing far more harm than good…

10 thoughts on “…my guess as to where the M(h)RM is headed….

  1. Most of these reasons are why I don’t call myself an MRA, and instead use the term Egalitarian.
    AVfM could have helped their organizations image a lot by teaming up with others that actually use their donations to assist men and boys. Ones like;

    The National Center for Men
    Fathers Rights Foundation
    The Wounded Warrior Project
    Just Detention International
    The National Organization of Restoring Men

    Or really any other places that seek to aid the men and boys of our country.

  2. The PUA will be invited back in. Both sides will try a bit of revisionism and make up false reasons why they fell out.

    Have you seen some of the vile comments directed towards mgtow? They are even more hateful than what the average feminist or mangina would post.

    I think men need to bond socially more and form clubs or something. Political orgizations get co-opted and changed by the mainstream.

    When reward money was offered for that feminist who made up her assault claim, I should of dropped A Voice for Men back then.

    1. Barbarossa brought that up specifically. They could’ve used that money to help men and boys but they didn’t. Hell, donating to breast cancer is closer to helping men and boys than donating to AVfM.

      1. “The PUA will be invited back in. Both sides will try a bit of revisionism and make up false reasons why they fell out”

        Wow! I called it correctly! lolol didn’t expect my prediction to come true so fast though! lolol

      2. Bar Bar was calling AVFM and CAFE out for offering reward money for a feminist who claimed to be attacked by an MRA.

        What was stopping this feminist for falsely accusing a guy and then getting the reward money?

      3. I should of turned against AVFM then, but I think I still wanted to believe in them. I was rationalizing their actions.

        The people who still comment on AVFM must have Stockholm syndrome or something!

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