Uber Macho, Left Wing M(h)RA Dean Esmay Outcusses James Hetfeild–to Bad He Can’t Play Geetar…..

So, I remember that when I was a little kid, I thought Metallica was badass. It wasn’t just the palm muted chords played through powerful amps. It wasn’t just Lars Ulrich’s very creative drumming with questionable timing. It wasn’t just Cliff Burton’s wah pedal and bell-bottoms (but that was a HUGE part.) I thought James Hetfeild was the toughest tough guy because every other word he said was Fuck.

Here’s a video where he talks about cussing…

Now, here’s hyper-masculine, high testosterone, alpha male Dean Esmay at AVfM:

“Some of these motherfuckers–whom I have always believed to be a minority of MGTOW, and stiil do–have been taking cheap shots at us for a couple of years now. Most of what this fringe minority say about us is lies, and we’ve either calmly pointed out the lies assuming in good faith they were just mistakes or misunderstandings, or ignored it. We finally call bullshit on this fringe minority of MGTOW who dominate YouTube comments, and they say “aha, see all along you hated MGTOW!”

No we don’t you motherfucking shitfaced liars. We just say “no thank you” to the tiny fringe of you who’ve grown toxic stewing in your own shit and flinging monkey poo at anyone who dares disagree with you on something.

I have a reputation for being a “diplomat.” But I’m only a diplomat when I believe that I’m dealing with someone who honestly wants to argue a point in good faith. Enough lies and abuse, and I’m done being nice and you can suck my fucking dick.

I am proud to know, work with, and support many MGTOW, but these other, toxic motherfuckers need to be called out for their abusive lies, their cultivated hatred, and especially their pseudoscience. The more I think about it, the more it’s obvious that this isn’t a “rift.” It’s a necessary housecleaning that we’ve waited too long to get done.

Here’s a clue: If you’re a “MGTOW” who is shitting on a book you haven’t even fucking read? You’re one of the PiGTOW, and fuck you, asshole.”

Hehe, maybe it was because there wasn’t a guitar plugged into a Mesa Boogie, or maybe he wasn’t chugging beer. But Esmay’s words don’t impress me the way Hetfeild’s did when I was 13. Dean, dudebroe, do ya even play geetar? Oh, wait, is that shaming language? Cod Red, Code Red….

C’mon now, I’m just having some fun. Dean, we’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you. Ooops, must be my dyslexia, I reversed what I was supposed to say and accidently said what I meant to say. Must be my lack of erudition….

Now I remember someone saying about feminists that when they didn’t have an argument that they would resort to anger and insults because, like their girly brains couldn’t handle logic to formulate a cohesive argument, donchya know. But, Dean I know that’s not what you are doing here, because you are like soooooooo rational. Your IBM brain and your extra Y chromosome means you excrete fermented gold bricks of logic faster than I can tie my shoes. You think in 1’s and zero’s and you only string together fuckittyfuckfuckfuck just so us mere mortals won’t suspect that you are really the bionic man. The fabled Iron Man to save us from our own stupid fates. Or maybe you are just like the feminists. And their insults have nothing to do with bird sized gurrly brains. Maybe it’s just because you know your ideology is losing, that your BS movement hasn’t even accomplished as much as a good bowel movement. Joke, what do you call a feminist that says, “Bitch, cunt, whore, cocksucker and mangina?” Puncline, an M(h)RA. Hahaha–I’m the only one laughing, that’s because I just told the truth and tried to make a thinly veiled insult look like humor. Hahaha, I’m still laughing, remember, it ain’t over ’til the low status male sings. Uh, I’d rather play guitar….

And as far as the comment about sucking your hugiferous love serpent… Thanks but no thanks. Is that misandry or homophobia to turn ya down? I’m not gay, but even if I was, I’d have better taste in men than you or Jack Donovan. Even though I’m a pathetic loser straight guy who couldn’t get laid in a third world brothel with a handful of fifties, I’d still turn down Jodie Arias or Amanda Marcotte. I know I can’t explain this to the loveshy/manosphere crowd, but there are much worse things than celibacy.

Anyways, last time I saw Metallica, it was great. Hetfeild hardly talked. He’d address the audience and introduce musicians. But he was there to play guitar. And they played Orion. And I was happy….

I grew up, and Metallica got old and Elam and Esmay haven’t done a thing for low status men and boys…

Thanks to Spany Get for pointing out Esmay’s Drama Queen, er King(oh, sorry, lord Elam I know your the King, please don’t send your stormpuppies after me) Prince antics. These articles just write themselves. I wish I could say I was drunk or stoned, but I think I just don’t care like I used to….

2 thoughts on “Uber Macho, Left Wing M(h)RA Dean Esmay Outcusses James Hetfeild–to Bad He Can’t Play Geetar…..

  1. Dean is sliming against RBK now. Dean claimed he respected RBK, now he is calling him a shit poster. Dean is a real snake, I am a bad judge of character it seems, I thought he was a decent guy.

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