Tales of a Cam Grrrllll

Well, a few days ago when I was reading Rollins shame sandwich about suicide, I stumbled onto this…


I don’t know if the empowered womyn who wrote this considers herself a feminist but it looks like she thinks men are pieces of shit…

at one point, she invites the cable guy into one of her cam shows…

” One day, I was at home working when all of a sudden my internet unexpectedly dropped. I was in the middle of a show, and by this point, I lived a half-turned-on/half brain-dead existence. A young and attractive cable/internet boy arrived at my door. He was in one room of my apartment fixing the router, and I was in the trying to log into the wireless. Once I was able to, I told my viewers that there was a hot internet guy in the other room and hit the “Gold Show” button. A Gold Show occurs when you list something (anything) that you are willing to do for a certain amount of money. You then get bidders willing to pay up to see it. I titled the show “Should I Seduce The Cable Guy?” and set the amount for $500 bucks. Almost instantly, I got a bidder for $600.

The Gold Show started and the Internet boy came in to my room to tell me he was finished. My heart was racing with so much extreme adrenaline I could have orgasmed right there. I told him, “You know, I actually do webcam and would love to fuck around with you while streaming, would you be down?” He stared at me, then crept over to me like some kind of slow-motion porn. I began to blow him, then he fingered me until I came, and I collected my $600.”

Well, I wonder what the ethics of this are. She is collecting money, but the “performance” couldn’t have occurred without the cable guy…

According to this Cable guys average about $13 an hour.

She quit her oppressive job as a server, now in CA servers must be paid minimum wage plus tips. It’s hard to figure out if she made more money than the cable guy or not. But one might think that she could feel some sympathy to his plight. She likely just saw him as a walking hard-on. And feminists say it is men that objectify womyn…

Obviously, the cable guy “consented” to this. I’m not gonna twist this into some story about rape like an M(h)RA. The guy coulda said no or asked if he could be compensated financially…

and, if she did pay him, I suppose there are some legal things about prostitution, but I ain’t a lawyer…

3 thoughts on “Tales of a Cam Grrrllll

  1. I have never paid for sex and I don’t think I ever will. (I might be tempted to buy a hot Asian chick who cosplays as Chun Li though! lol)

    I think sex works are treating men like dirt exploiting them. My sexuality is just as valuable as a females, if females are too mentally ill to see this fuck em.

    This woman feels entitled to male sexuality, it is cheap to her, just like with most females.

    MGTOW has taught me to be strong and respect myself. I had a chick begging me to fuck her in the park and I turned her down, I’ve been starved of sex in the past, but it has made me less desperate not more!

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