Political implications of MGTOW

So we’ve seen the so-called M(h)RM go from being “right wing leaning” to being “left wing leaning” and now the pendulum swings back as Captain Capitalism and Auruni seem to be throwing in their support of the AVfM crowd. Many have said politics should be left out of the MRM. On the surface that seems fine…

Isn’t there that ole phrase feminist’s throw around, “The personal IS political.”

Anyways, the M(h)RM’s political views likely have more to do with branding than with well thought out ideology. IE “real men” drink scotch, smoke tobacco and eat processed meats because it is “masculine.”

We can talk about gynocentrism, but soon we will be talking about politics and how systems enforce cultural values. To me it would be absurd to call oneself MGTOW and participate within the US Warmachine or within law enforcement. How can a man sign up for military conscription when he will be sent to kill other men for oil? How can a man sign up for law enforcement when he will enforce unfair and often unjust laws? Eventually interaction with the world at large will inform one’s worldview and to say one is apolitical is to say one hasn’t thought about the world that surrounds them and how they fit in. I am a rock, I am an island-I only wish it were true. I am part of a framework and I can be sentient or an unthinking cog. I believe we have free will but very limited freedom within our circumstances. Yes, I could easily step beyond my paygrade. However, back to earth. Barbarossa insightfully compared marriage to signing up for military service. I believe this analogy has more weight than most realize as in signing both contracts one surrenders autonomy to the will of others. One’s future is no longer one’s own if truly it ever was. Logic follows logic. I personally have no interest in purity or a litmus test, however, voluntary military service is as un-MGTOW as voluntary marriage. One must see that any men’s right’s should place the liberty of the individual to never face forced military conscription as higher priority than petty arguments with feminists. Not all womyn are like that, haha, not all Warmachines are like that, not all governments are like that. Just take a chance and marry a slu..,err, let combat make a man out of you as you bleed out in a trench or try to dull your pain with alcohol years after the fact as the horrors of war still torment you…

This is a bigger piece of why traditionalist women who want to keep men working long hard hours and send young men and boys to their deaths in far off lands should not be welcomed into any pro-male spaces. It’s just another side of the coin of feminist’s endless bashing of low status men.

People talk about MGTOW being libertarian. I have had distasteful arguments with so-called libertarians. While on the surface I may espouse some libertarian values as I think drugs and prostitution should be decriminalized, most libertarians seem to strike me as “winner take-all, if you ain’t rich you ain’t shit, now pull yourself up by the bootstraps you worthless piece of shit” big business Republicans in disguise. Truth be told, my values are probably closer to that of an anarchist. Yeah, keep on reading that libertarian shit, it sounds like poor people are to these motherfuckers what Nice Guys are to bigoted feminists. But some how all those libertarians ain’t above taking a government bailout as soon as they whether a tough year. Just like all those independent womyn aren’t so independent when they start crying “Where have all the good men gone?” Just like I don’t expect to see any feminists on a sinking ship, I don’t expect to see any libertarians around when the only work is back breaking labor for pennies on the dollar.

One thought on “Political implications of MGTOW

  1. If the MGTOW community come to a general consensus about the definition of MGTOW, then I think that is pretty legit way to go about things.

    Paul’s Elams shitty MGTOW book, very slyly tries to water down MGTOW by making it merely about self ownership/individualism. He was trying to make MGTOW mean nothing.

    What concern trolls are dong is disingenuously hyper focusing on the name and taking it 100 percent literally. Ignore this attack on MGTOW. I am glad that MGTOW is evolving into something meaningful.

    We are doing something right because outsiders are trying to stop us. I’ve been looking at old youtube videos and outsiders have been trying to attack MGTOW for a long time now.

    Must be annoying for someone like Paul Elam seeing all those men refusing to be controlled! lol

    I tell all married men who claim to be MGTOW to fuck off on youtube, they always try to sell marriage, by soft peddling it. Married men who are MGTOW allies, don’t try and take the MGTOW name.

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