Elam’s favorite song

hahaha, Not!

Joke: A creepy male feminist professor, a gay alternative right white nationalist and a classically liberal M(h)RA who needs dental work walk into a bar….

They see a low status man, and as the drinks start to flow, they get some “beer muscles.”

“Let’s beat that fag.” Deanie Weenie, as he’s affectionately called, states, then, “Erm, nothing against present company.”

“I top, nothing faggie ’bout that, No offense taken, Teenie.” Jackie Boi states….

“And, um, I’m a switch hitter.” Huggs as the call him confidently says. “let’s just call it insurance, no matter what gender I’m around, there’s a warm orifice for me, willing or otherwise.”

They corner the low status man who is quietly drinking his beer. “You better step outside, we don’t like your kind around.” The bouncer looks the other way. They escort him out the back door.

He says, “I didn’t finish my drink, I ain’t looking for trouble.”

The male feminist professor slaps him in the face, “Trouble just found you studmuffin.”

The M(h)RA spits on him, “You misandrist PIGTOW fuckity fuck!!!”

The androphile White Nationalist grabs him from behind, gyrates his hips against the low status man and say, “Oh La La, Sexxxxay time!!!”

The low status man is beaten within an inch of his life and left in a pool of blood, piss and spit.

The three high five each other.

The M(h)RA says, “What about the cops?”

“Whatabout ’em?” Says the proff, “We just say, he was a domestic violence wife beater.”

“And a homophobe.” Says the WN.

“And I’ll say he knocked out my front toot-Mutually Comabative!” says the M(h)RA…

Then the WN says, “Besides, he had darker skin than us, no cop’ll believe him.”

“Hehe, wascim don’t real” laughs the professor.

“It’s only misandry if it’s a middle aged, married white guy” adds the M(h)RA.

“Group hug time.” says the WN.

“Always.” Says the prof.

“I’m sooo not homophobic” chimes the M(h)RA.

Reality: Feminism, the alternative right and AVfM hasn’t done a fucking thing for low status men. Bring that truth up, get banned at Feminist Critics, GL Piggy and the kings of social justice warriors, AVfM….

On a very serious note….

Now as MGTOW micropenis leader level 4.001898923712, I command you from my mom’s basement as I wipe the dorritos flakes from my hugiferous neckbeard….

All my loyal PiGTOW followers…

Tommorrow is Forced Loneliness Humiliation day, or as normal, er, high status men refer to it, the day you spend more money on some average broad than you spend on your favorite prostitute for maybe the chance to get far less interesting sex…

So, instead of like last year, where our massive (more massive than usual) porn watching habits caused half of Amazon’s servers to crash (and they say they don’t host teh good stuff)…

We will take advantage of the situation the way Roosh 5 took advantage of his passed out drunk college roomate, err, beautiful Ukranian womyn who enthusiastically consented by goobling down roffies by…

A) Selling off our collection of Hentai comic books and vintage Turbograffix 16 Games.

B) Showering and shaving. (Optional to braid neckbeard if like me it is hiding underdeveloped chin.)

C) Ask Mr. Diablo how to find womyn who won’t laugh at you to your face when you hand them money and ask for sex.

D) Call, them up realizing they will be lonely like you, err, underutilized in their professional capacities as their regular customers are visiting their “girlfriends” on Forced Loneliness Humiliation Day.

E) Not try to be Mr. Einstein when you meet with them and see a Porsche in their driveway ad ask how someone who is trafficked could afford such an awesome car.

F) Remember to get your change turned into big bills so they don’t get angry as they have to unfold crumpled $1 and $5 bills and laugh when you hand them pennies and dimes covered in lint.

G) Get prepared for them to laugh the way Roosh and GL Piggy did at the locker room after gym class when you pull down your pants. Just like Roosh and GL, they will offer to make it bigger by sucking on it.

H) Don’t follow your instincts and roll up into a ball and start crying afterwords. Just say, “I hope that was as good for you as it was for me” and walk out the door.

Yes, my unwashed, seething PiGTOW brothers. We can get to be men one day a year and give those post-modern sex positive sex workers sore vaginas as all the normal guys get their wallets raped harder than ours do…

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